Kelly McKee and the Bears are looking forward to Saturday's Big Splash.

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By Cal Athletics on Thu, April 17, 2014

Hey Bear fans! Sorry for the short hiatus but school has been crazy. The end rush of the semester is upon us! But it’s a pretty exciting week for the team and I had to find the time to write an entry... it’s time for Big Splash!

That’s right, on Saturday the team is matching up against Stanford in the Battle of the Bay Area. The game is scheduled for 5 p.m. and is being shown on the Pac-12 Networks, but I expect to see you all in the crowd. Every Berkeley student, whether you’re an athlete or not, knows that when we match up against Stanford, it is a battle to the death. Should be a very exciting game! This is also the perfect opportunity to set the tone for next weekend when we travel down to USC for the conference tournament. The team has very high expectations and I know that we can accomplish all of our goals if we work together and remember that only we can control our fate. These next few weeks are the high point of our season and the Bears are ready!

But it’s not just about water polo here at Berkeley. The team has been extremely busy with schoolwork, but we have also found some time to do a little bit of team bonding. Last Sunday, the team got together for a potluck brunch. Every class was responsible for bringing a couple of items and we feasted on bagels, fruit, eggs, and donuts. We also played a game called "Two Truths And A Lie." The title may be self-explanatory, but for those of you who don’t know, everyone writes down two truths and a lie about herself on a piece of paper. We then go around the room reading each other’s facts and trying to guess who wrote them and which one was the lie. It was a great opportunity to learn something new about our teammates.

The team has been invited to Molly Quinn’s house to celebrate Easter with Molly and her family this Sunday. We are all looking forward to a home cooked meal, chocolate, and playing with her dog Clark (alright, I may be the only one who is truly excited about that last point). Thank you in advance to the Quinn Family for having us over!

Well, I should probably go and do some more of my homework, but the team is looking forward to seeing you all at the game this weekend. GO BEARS!


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