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Teammate Sierra Smiley Stands In As Guest Blogger This Week
By Cal Athletics on Fri, March 21, 2014

Hey Bear fans! I have a special treat for you all this week! I have been extremely busy with schoolwork so I asked one of my teammates to step in for me. Please welcome our guest blogger, Sierra Smiley!

Last weekend proved to be very exciting for us Bears! We traveled down to beautiful Southern California for a weekend of polo. The weather was great and we were ready to play!  We had games against USC and Loyola Marymount. Unfortunately, we lost our game on Saturday to USC with a score of 12-7. But don’t worry Cal fans, we’ll get 'em next time.  The following day we played LMU and won with a score of 9-5. 

But our weekend really started on Friday afternoon with delicious sandwiches from our wonderful sandwich shop, Cheese n’Stuff! I know freshman Stephanie Mutafyan was very excited about this because, you see, Cheese n’Stuff is her favorite place to eat.

Then we headed off to the airport. At the airport we had a lot of time to do our schoolwork and study for upcoming exams. Many of us took advantage of this time. Of course, there were a select few who did not have any homework or midterms to prepare for so they got to spend their time relaxing and watching Netflix. After a quick plane ride, we had landed in LAX and were ready to head over to our hotel. Unfortunately, this would not prove to be an easy task. We got held up in the car rental store for almost two hours! Somehow there was a mix-up and our vans were not ready. But our coaches sure knew how to handle the guys working behind the desk. They showed them a little bit of what we as players have to go through during practices.

When we finally got our vans, we made our way straight for dinner on Venice Beach. It was this great little Italian food restaurant and I know everyone had their full!  Afterwards, we got to wander on down to the beach for our own little photo shoot. It was a lot of fun taking pictures and playing around in the sand. I think one of the greatest moments of the night was when Coach Corso tricked Savanna Smith into getting her shoes all wet. He had her hold a pose for just long enough for a wave to come up and get her shoes. It was really nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves. 

When we got back to the hotel it was time to get ready for our games. Everyone had their game faces on as we talked strategy and prepped for the next couple of days. Saturday came around and everyone was ready to go. Since our regular trainer, Ann, couldn’t be there with us, Savanna stood in as our trainer. She did a wonderful job, making sure that everyone was well taken care of and taped up before our games. It was almost like Ann was there!  Finally, at 4:30 p.m, it was game time. We came out strong and put up a good fight. I’m proud of the improvements we’ve made since the last time we played them and can't wait for the next time we see SC. I hope they are ready! 

When we got back to the hotel that night everyone stayed positive and did not let the loss get to us. We weren’t done yet. We still had to play LMU the next day. On Sunday morning, we were able to enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel and then head over to LMU for our game. I could feel the energy from my team. We wanted a win and that was what we were going to get. We came out harder and finished strong! It was a great game for our freshmen Nusi and Ru, who each scored four goals. Emily also had a big goal for us! Along with Madeline making six saves, way to go freshmen! 

After our game was over we got to see our families and enjoy the goodies the wonderful parents brought us. But then it was time to head to the airport and get back home. I think we were all excited to get on an early fight and be back in Berkeley by 6 p.m.!

Overall I think we had a great weekend and can’t wait to see what is next for us!  

Come out this Sunday and watch us take on Bakersfield at home at 1 p.m.!

GO BEARS and great job, Sierra!         


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