Kelly McKee learned a lot about her teammates last weekend.

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Traveling Can Be Learning Experience For Bears
By Cal Athletics on Wed, February 05, 2014

What a busy weekend! Your Cal Bears travelled down to Palo Alto for the Stanford Invitational, where we played four games against four tough teams. It was a challenging, but crucial weekend for the team. We definitely learned a lot about each other and saw some areas where we can improve. We do not have any games this week, but these next seven days are extremely important to work on these weaknesses so we can come out better and stronger during our next games. The Bears are always up for the challenge!

Traveling is not only a great chance to evaluate the team’s progress in the water, but a great chance for learn some more about your teammates. For example, I learned that Gen Weed is a solar system expert. We had dinner at a restaurant called Pluto’s and she was just rattling off these fun facts about planets. It was amazing, and a bit shocking, that she knew so much about outer space.

This weekend, I was able to witness the creative movements of Chris Baker. Some people may call it what she does “dancing”, but her moves are so much more expressive then your average dancer that the word does not give her skills justice. I just don’t understand how she isn’t rich, famous, and working as a choreographer for Lady Gaga yet. I guarantee that it will happen soon for her.

For all of you Twitter fans out there, go follow Emily Loughlin and make sure you favorite her tweets. I have heard that she has some riveting Tweets about very fascinating topics such as Chick-fil-A. I also learned that Sierra Smiley has a sixth sense for the weather. When she tells you to bring parkas because it’s going to rain on Sunday, you bring that parka because it will rain on Sunday!

And finally, I know I must sound like a broken record but I know that I will be singing this tune for many weeks to come - congrats to Dora, again, for being Newcomer of the Week!

Till next time, GO BEARS!


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