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Ris & Reid - Celebrating in Boulder

Ris and Reid discuss their fun trip and the big win at Colorado.
By Cal Athletics on Wed, April 23, 2014

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The month of April has been filled with travel, travel, travel for the Bears. We visited Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Denver and Boulder. All of this back and forth across the country has been a lot of bonding time, a lot of sore legs, a lot of food, a lot of seeing family, a lot of laughs, a lot of hotels and, of course, A LOT OF FUN!

Some friends and family may have even mistaken our travel trips as a vacation to the hot spot of Cabo. We made the best of every location we were in and brought out the Cabo in it. Whether it was catching fresh Cabo goldfish, picking ripe Cabo bananas from hotel plants or basking in the Cabo sun in high altitude on the mountains. Cabo found its way into all of our trips.

The most exciting and rewarding time of our extended Cabo vacation would have to be the latest leg of it, when we clinched a road victory against Colorado. After a tumultuous season, this win was one of the most gratifying wins of the year. Being that it was our first time playing the Buffs, no one can quite explain why this specific victory meant so much to us. It was one of the only games this year that we finally put it all together. The attack held the ball and put it away when we needed to, we transitioned the ball flawlessly through the midfield and the defense made big stops and kept the ball out of the back of our net. It was a true team effort.

As the clock ticked the time away at the end of the game, the sideline was exploding, people were jumping around and cheering like we had won the national championship. We know it wasn’t quite that extreme of a victory, but it was one that we needed; one that we knew we could accomplish all year but had consistently fell short of. In the grand scheme of things, it may have been a small win, but in our minds it was the most memorable win of the season and one that we will cherish when we look back on this year.

There is only one regular season game left and a lot of things that need to fall in our favor in order for us to make it to the MPSF Tournament. With that said, we are clicking better than we ever have all season and we couldn’t be more excited to end this season with a win against Stanford. No one on the team this year has ever beaten the Card … So hey, what more of a comeback season could you ask for?!


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