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Roll on With Ris & Reid - Workout Groups

The Bears have divided up into groups to help keep the team motivated during the preseason.
By Cal Athletics on Mon, January 27, 2014

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Hope the New Year has been treating all of our bear fans well so far! This time of year is always exciting for us, as we are on the forefront of our upcoming season. It is a time that all of the onus is put on us. There are no coaches or trainers there everyday to push us through the workouts - it is all on us. With that, we decided to add a little competition to our winter break to help keep motivation high and really give us that extra push when we need it. Enter (clever name for workout groups)

Our team has been divided equally into five different groups. Each group is set to compete against each other the first week back in areas of running, strength and lacrosse. Here is a little taste of how each group has been working to be the best…

Group 1 – Marissa, Sasha, Bella, Caroline, Sara

With a constant texting thread, this group has had each other’s back all break. They updated, shared and motivated each other, even when it was especially difficult to get out there in the blizzard for those East Coasters. Although it was a little heartbreaking when the East Coasters were in -4 degree weather and the West Coasters were having sunset beach runs, they made up for it in other ways. San Diego native Sarah Nolte facetimed with Maryland’s Bella Huther while she ran to help her fight the cold and get those 40s done! Now that is teamwork.

Group 2- Gaby, Megan, Michele, Helen, Nicole V

This group was a very worldly group during the breal. Covering land from Wisconsin, to Israel, to the Virgin Islands, to Hawaii and of course locking it down in the Bay Area, these Bears really spread the Cal Lax cheer all across the world. Megan traveled back to her roots in Israel where she played on the Israel National team. Michele brought our workouts to the Virgin Islands where she shared them with her boyfriend who also plays collegiate lacrosse. He said it was the hardest workout he has ever done. Who says boys are better than girls!? Thanks Coach Z!

Group 3- Chippy, Jackie, Wheatley, Brynn, Michaela

Here we had a group that not only helped each other get better, but also introduced the great sport of lacrosse to both those young and old. Jackie hit the field with her two little brothers and showed them the rope… starting them young! Meanwhile, in her new home in Florida, Wheatley showed those old folks what it is like these days to play D1 lacrosse! Hope getting back to the basics fine tuned their skills and will help these girls kill it in the competitions.

Group 4- Paige, Casey, Lizz, Jena

With comradery high in this group, they may have a leg up on the other teams. Some members of this group were lucky enough to meet up over break and actually get some workouts in together. Paige and Jena hit up their old stomping grounds at Darien High School and tore it up on the field. Paige was also lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Ms. Lizz Lavie where they really hit the ground running. Poor Casey was stuck on the left coast but still had the camaraderie of fellow MPSF players in the area to keep her going. Don’t worry – allegiance always lies strongest with Cal Lax.

Group 5- Grace, Charlotte, Courtney, Britt, Nicole B

Similar to group 3, this group shared their workouts with their significant others – though mainly dogs. On any given day you could see Grace jogging around with her new dog in Hamilton (he has quickly stolen her heart, NDC no more), Courtney doing hill sprints in Colorado with her dog, Nicki B trekking through the Philly snow with her two goldens, Char running through enemy territory in Palo Alto and Britt mostly dragging her pup through the streets – lil guy got tired pretty quickly. It’s always nice to have a running partner by your side, hope these canines did the trick!

We will see which of these groups had the best strategy and comes out victorious after this week’s competitions!!

Also – shout out to Cal’s newest sport sand volleyball! Cal Lax is no longer the baby of the Golden Bear Family… Welcome lil sis!


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