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Mondays With Miles - Second Play Day Coming Up

Miles discusses how the Bears are preparing for their second fall competition
By Cal Athletics on Mon, October 14, 2013

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Another Monday rolls around as we prepare for our second play day this Saturday at UC Davis. This means more nuts and bolts from a tactical standpoint as we begin to really develop and build some of the systems we hope to implement this spring. Although our focus shifts slightly away from fundamentals, they are critically important now as ever as our concepts grow in complexity. Offenses don’t work when we can’t catch and throw. Defenses don’t work when we have poor 1v1 footwork or don’t communicate. The hope is that the foundation is solid enough at this point to start adding bricks to house.

As the fall progresses, the freshmen are hopefully getting a feel for the rhythm of our trainings and growing more confident with every practice As they gain more confidence, they will hopefully begin to trust what they see, apply what they’ve learned and take smart chances.

For our older players, much of what we’re doing is relearning what we already (should) know and becoming familiar with our new faces. As we introduce some new concepts in the second half of our fall ball, hopefully they will apply some of those old tricks to our new sets.

I’m looking forward to seeing our growth from the last scrimmage. We’ve started fall off strong and hoping to finish even stronger. As schoolwork mounts and lacrosse gets tougher, the focused and the determined will have a chance to make their mark. Go Bears!


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