This is Cal Water Polo

  1. The Cal Men’s Water Polo program has graduated champions into our community for over 112 years. It will continue to graduate champions for 112 years to come.
  2. We have achieved our long history of success largely by the quality of the character of those individuals that have been associated with team program. We do not measure our success solely by the number of national championships that have been won.
  3. First and foremost, you are at Cal to receive a world-class education in a broad variety of life experiences. Your principle duty and expectation of our program is to graduate from Cal and be a great participant and contributor in our society.
  4. We are a very competitive water polo program. We play hard, we play physical, we play fair and we play for each other. We also recognize that oftentimes games are decided more by the ‘try’ and the ‘heart’ than the ‘talent’.
  5. Over time we have created a standard of excellence for how we do things in our program and EVERYBODY associated must buy-into that standard or we really can’t have any team chemistry or ever-lasting success.
  6. Neither the successful legacy of 112 years, nor the public reputations and character of either former, or current student-athletes, will be jeopardized by the selfish actions of any individual, group or circumstance.
  7. It is not the university or the coaching staff that is responsible for teaching you the ‘golden rule’ or how to differentiate from right-or-wrong. That was the role of your parents and upbringing and is assumed to be present within you by the time you get to Cal.
  8. You have been invited onto the Cal Men’s Water Polo team. It is a privilege, not a right to be here. In many ways, you are a guest of the program and will ultimately earn the right to become a piece of its long legacy of producing champions. Winning a national championship is not a requirement of being a champion. It is an annual goal of our program. Champions are people of character and their reputation is earned, not anointed merely by being associated to our program.
  9. By virtue of your membership on this team, every athlete is responsible for self-accountability, upholding the performance standards established for the team and department, and personal decisions you make that may reflect on the performance and reputation of yourself, your teammates and the program.
  10. As a team, we are all accountable to the actions and decisions made, either positive or negative, by those who are admitted onto the Cal Men’s Water Polo team. You are part of a team, a program, a legacy that is much larger than you and comes with great responsibility.
  11. It is recognized that we are not perfect a program and no individual is perfect. But we are a proud program. The best opportunity to learn is oftentimes when you make a mistake- when you fail- and occasionally experience is all you get when you don’t get what you want. We accept that challenge to learn from our mistakes and we shall always continue to strive to build a champions character within our self and within our program.

WE are Cal Men's Water Polo.

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