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"It's special to play in the 'Battle of the Bay. Obviously we want to win one of these pretty soon, in order to make it the rivalry that it should be and I think our players are really hungry to do th
By Cal Athletics on Tue, January 08, 2013

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Jan. 8, 2013

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Opening Statement
"It's special to play in the 'Battle of the Bay. Obviously we want to win one of these pretty soon, in order to make it the rivalry that it should be and I think our players are really hungry to do that and they are working hard. I thought the story of tonight was that two good teams went at it and played tremendously hard. I thought Stanford's star players stepped up and made more plays when they needed to and I thought ultimately that was the difference in the game. And we had a rough shooting night. You can't expect to beat a team as good as Stanford when you go 2 for 21 from three; and I think that we really battled through that, especially in the first half. And I think in the second half, ultimately it deflated us a little bit and maybe allowed Stanford to get some better looks that we wanted to. It's an interesting scenario to have to go back and do it again five days from now, but now doubt that the players in our locker room will use this to get better and we'll do it again on Sunday.

On shot selection and if good shots weren't falling
I thought that there were a lot of good shots that didn't fall. Mary Murphy just told me outside that Layshia (Clarendon) doesn't take a bad shot. And I thought that she just had some good looks and I know that on our coaching staff we felt like the next one was going in every time, and I think our crowd was ready to erupt. And if we could have gotten a couple, not just looking at Layshia, to go down it could have changed the tone of things. I thought there were some other really good looks that didn't go in. Do we want to be taking 21 threes? Probably not. But I credit Stanford's defense. They took away a lot of our passing angles, they tried not to let Brittany (Boyd) slice them in the paint, and Layshia get into the paint, so nothing was easy. And I think again that's a credit to their defense and making life tough on us.

On concerns about losing the energy displayed in the first half
I really didn't. I didn't feel like Stanford seemed flat in the first half. I thought it was a great back and fourth battle. Obviously Chiney (Ogwumike) was dominant, I think she had 14 first half points. And so I felt like our speed and athleticism and depth would wear them down a little bit. So I wasn't worried. I didn't feel like we were in control and only up two, sometimes you have that feel. We hadn't hit shots yet and I really thought that at some point the basket would just open up for us and it never did; and that just grinds on you, it wears on you, it puts a lot of pressure on everything else. I think that was the difference. And like you said, it was 46 all, I think we missed a layup in transition and all of a sudden a couple of key plays in a row gave them a little separation and it sort of deflated us, and that's something we'll address and make sure that doesn't happen again. I felt pretty good at half time.

On the poor shooting
And I do really credit their defense. They are number 1 in the Pac-12 in field goal percentage defense for a reason. I doesn't look like the way we play defense or other teams, but they are really good. They play percentages, they take away what is easiest, and I've had that conversation with Tara (VanDerveer) when we are preparing for other teams and I've picked her brains. So you know that they are going to be a great defensive team and nothing's going to be easy, but I did feel like there were some looks that we were confident that we could have knocked down.

On second half woes
I don't think so. I mean it doesn't feel that way, it doesn't feel in that sense at all. Again I think Utah and Colorado on the road are tough teams and they were really good defensively and they took away some of our first and second options and we need to be able to make plays, but I'm not concerned. Obviously, we want to be scoring, we want to be scoring in the 70s, so I'm concerned in the sense that we've had three games that were slower than we want to, but it doesn't feel like a fatigue factor. We weren't in the first half scoring. It's more a function of the game plan and less a function of fatigue.

On Chiney Ogwumike
Defiantly credit to Chiney, she's a great player and she really stepped up today, but I'm fairly certain that we will be able to make some adjustments that will be effective.

On shooting poorly yet staying in the game
They shot 50% from the floor, we shot 30%, it's kind of a miracle that we had a shot. I really felt that in that second half before they broke away, that we were just going to break through there with a couple of shots. Again, I credit them. They just don't make mistakes, they don't beat themselves, the second you let up, they are going to make a play and we need to do a little bit better with that. We'll get back to it and get ready to go.

CALIFORNIA GUARD Layshia Clarendon
On the final stretch after the 46-46 tie game
A couple of silly plays I think. I think we were down four and when they went up six was Tinkle (Joslyn) getting the layup and we were jogging back. And then the next thing you know the ball is over our heads. Those are just silly plays that I think I let what's her name? go left one time and just silly scouting report plays that you can't afford to have against a team like this. They capitalized on them and when we got down six a little bit, we got a little bit rattled and then they just broke it open from there. With a team that good, you just can't fall asleep like that.

On playing Stanford again in five days
It is what it is. I don't think we have a choice. I've never played them this soon. I'm excited to have a game again, five days is going to seem like forever, every time you loose, but that's not often. But every time that you have that game that you love, you are ready to get another win. Sure I'm ready to go at them again.

On if it helps to play Stanford back-to-back
Both teams will pretty much know what the other is running. It's not like we are going to see them two months later so now all of a sudden they have these plays. I think the scouting report will be pretty similar, it'll just be who makes those plays, so I guest that's a good thing.

On the poor shooting
Maybe it's a curse or something, I don't know. I think that they are a team that you don't get easy shots with. I mean we had some that were wide open, but like you said when a team is wearing on you, and they were constantly bumping me, and I do think it wears on you a little bit; playing such an up-tempo game against such a good team, but like Coach G said, some of them just didn't fall. I think a couple of them go in, the game changes and the crowd gets into it. So just hold our follow through and shoot. You just need to keep taking them and stay confident.

On shooting poorly yet staying in the game
I think so. Like Coach G was saying, I don't feel like we can't compete with them, I don't feel like it was far off. They played their best game and we kind of we in it. Like I said, some shots fall. I think we did take a couple too many threes, we could have swung it and got some better shots in the paint, but we're still confident. I think we are even more confident know we let Chiney kind of go off like that and we know that there are some scouting report changes that we can make. Again, we're fine, we're just not going to lose our heads because we lost one.

On doing things well yet losing the game
It's very frustrating, but there was some stuff that we didn't do well and I think that pretty much cost us the game.

On improvements that need to be made on Sunday
Defense. I gave up a lot of points on the defensive end and just keeping my player in front of me and going off the scouting report and trusting in the scouting report. I think defense is the main thing.

Opening Statement
"It was great to see everybody here tonight. This was a very important game for us. Cal has a great team and really tremendous players. Layshia Clarendon is a really tough player. Our team really stepped up to the challenge Amber did a really good job running our team. Chiney was the other bookend, getting the ball inside and finishing and going 11-16 and even had one that was a bunny that she usually makes. It was a great team effort and a great win for our team."

On the difference between halves
I think sometimes it takes us a little while to get in it. We're really a different team this year and we have to figure out what's working and what we're looking to run. We have to make adjustments with how they're playing us. I think we emphasized going inside more in the second half. We were going high and then into Chenay. We were screening better even though we didn't hit some of the perimeter shots we got. We just got a sense of how they were playing us and what we were going to try to do against it.

On how they prepared
We tried to watch their tendencies and what they would try to do. They have really talented players and we just tried as hard as we good to keep them off the o-boards and they still got 21. We tried to limit their easy baskets and not let them get runouts. They did get a couple of those. We didn't want to let them pound it inside on us, they're very physical post players. Clarendon is really tough to guard. I thought Toni did a very good job on her especially in the second half.

On how they won without rebounding well or shooting three point well
We must have done something else well then. I thought we took care of the ball. They're very aggressive and athletic. We didn't have a lot of knucklehead plays. Even though they had a lot of o-boards, they shot a lot of threes so that gets a lot of long rebounds. We shot fifty percent which is good. It wasn't out A game. Considering the travel that we've had and considering what we've been through the last two weeks, I'm really proud of how our team play and how hard they played. They listened and worked really hard. They way I look at it this was just the first half because we're going to play them again on Sunday. Let's see if we can play a little bit better. I know It will probably be a little better game for both teams because we'll be a little bit more rested.

On keeping an even attitude
I didn't get a sense that people were frustrated. I felt like people were on the same page and sticking with things pretty well. A lot of it starts with Chenay. I thought Chenay made some really big baskets for us. That one was a lucky play. We didn't diagram that one. Chenay really stays in there. I got a sense that after some of the disappointment and after the tough game we had at home, we've really learned from that. When you've played who we've played, whether it's Baylor, Tennessee, I think we've played the toughest schedule in the country. You're either going to get tougher or you're going to get out of town. I thought we had really good minutes from Reuf. Defensively, she helped us. Again, Cal is a definite top ten team and we had to do everything we could to beat them today and I know it will be harder on Sunday.

On the funky inbound play
There was a short shot clock and I told them to just throw it up there and I'm going to try to get it. We had two seconds to put it up. Luck of the Irish I guess.

On their mental toughness
I think we stick with things pretty well. That's our identity, we don't get too high and we don't get too low. The Connecticut game was a big low, but I'm proud of how we bounced back. We had Utah and Colorado and they are two tough teams. We've been discovering ourselves. We've had a tough preseason and tough start to conference and this start is not finished, we have another big game on Sunday. Our toughness is something we'll discover along the way. I think today we were tough.

On the conference winning streak
It means a lot for the legacy, knowing the players that came before us. Jocelyn has played with other people that started that streak. Quite frankly, we try to live in the moment and take it one day at a time. Today is the biggest day and the most important day. Instead of thinking about all those wins and the yesterdays. We try to max our opportunities today. That's how I focus.

On how they pulled away in the second half
I think just staying aggressive and never getting too down when something bad happened. Coach always tells me that there are two things you can control, your attitude and your effort, so I just focused on those two things.

On the key run to the end of the game
I think we did a really good job of doubling on the post and a better job of boxing out.


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