Post-Game Quotes: Arizona State

"I am really proud of this team for getting 20 wins by February 8th and particularly these two, Talia [Caldwell] and Layshia [Clarendon] along with Eliza [Pierre] and Tierra [Rogers] who really anchor
By Cal Athletics on Fri, February 08, 2013

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Feb. 8, 2013

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Opening Statement
"I am really proud of this team for getting 20 wins by February 8th and particularly these two, Talia [Caldwell] and Layshia [Clarendon] along with Eliza [Pierre] and Tierra [Rogers] who really anchor our team. I thought that we had a really tough battle tonight, which is what Arizona State does every time they step on the floor; which is a credit to Charli [Turner Thorne] and that staff. They were a little bit younger than usual and they were a little bit under manned tonight, but they came out and they attacked us and they put pressure, and they did what ASU does. I thought we made enough plays to win, but I don't think it was our best night, we turned it over too much, I didn't necessarily think that we had the intensity level that we needed for forty minutes. But I'm glad that we stayed in control and fought through a little bit of a ragged kind of night, which is again, how Arizona State wants to make you play and we'll get better from this and I'm looking forward to getting back out on the court on Sunday."

On if the team is hitting its stride with a fourth straight double-digit win
"What I've been talking to them about, and what they are starting to understand, is that I really feel like a lot of things, the way the game flows, is under our control and that's a good feeling to have as a coach. Again, we obviously respect all of our opponents, but we think we have a style and things that we do, that if we do them well, are going to produce results and the players are buying into that. Obviously, from a coaching perspective, I'm always going to look at the things that we can do better, but I do think that we want to keep improving, we want to keep correcting weaknesses, but also as Talia said, embrace the things that we do well, and I think that gives us a lot of positive momentum and confidence. And in women's basketball, confidence is huge."

On Layshia Clarendon playing all 40 minutes
"No (I'm not worried). I think she's hitting a really great rhythm right now. I think she looks good. We are really being aware of rest during the week. I don't feel like this game ever felt like it was completely in hand. I think that we kicked it to 13, and then we would get it to 15 and then we would give up a three or a three-point play. It's not that I'm worried when she's not on the floor, but we are obviously in our best rhythm when she is on the floor. So I'm playing in the rhythms of the substitution patterns that I think are best for us at that time, until the game feels like it's out of reach and it never felt that way. I think one thing that has really helped us in the last couple of weeks is that Mikayla [Lyles] is playing with such confidence, which is great. She is giving terrific minutes. I think Justine [Hartman] has given really good minutes. Obviously the ball didn't go down tonight, but she's had some great practices and obviously you don't want anyone out, but with [Reshanda] Gray being out, it has allowed Justine to get more of a rhythm. So we do value our depth, but Layshia is going to be on the floor most of the time."

On Reshanda Gray
"She was available tonight. She was cleared to play, so I could have put her in the game, but I think anytime with a hamstring injury, any additional rest is helpful. We are thinking that she will play on Sunday, but she looked good in practice the other day and she's much better."

On reaching 1,000 career points
"That's cool, I appreciate it. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to play freshman year, which helped me getting (to 1,000). A lot of players who are really good don't get that opportunity to play freshman year and reach that goal. So I'm really thankful for that and the staff and that I've been a part of the rotation and just playing hard."

CALIFORNIA GUARD Layshia Clarendon
On if the team is hitting its stride with a fourth straight double-digit win
"Yeah, I think so, but in the last four wins, we have been like, it should have been by more, it should have been better, it should have been this, it should have been that. Definitely compared to last year where we had to learn the lessons with losses instead of wins, we are thankful for that, but I think that we are still so critical of ourselves. Like tonight, our energy was a little bit low and we kind of had to drag each other along and stuff that the fans don't see but things that we know that we need to get better on."

On the win capping a strong week for her individually
"I think that it's been a good week. It was also a really good week because we had two days off. I'm just excited. I was telling [Pac-12 Networks announcer] Mary [Murphy] that I'm always an underdog and things are coming along and I'm happy because every list that I'm on it says California in the bottom. It's like this team is getting more national recognition. The Wades List had Gennifer [Brandon] on it as well and multiple All-Americans, so I'm just happy that Cal is rolling along, especially since being here since my freshman year and seeing this program grow and knowing that it's going to get rolling. It's exciting, especially with Lindsay [Gottlieb] being head coach now."


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