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Opening Statement: "I told the team in the locker room that even though this certainly wasn't one of our prettiest, it's one of the wins that I think that I am most proud of and that I will be most pr
By Cal Athletics on Sat, January 26, 2013

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Jan. 26, 2013

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Opening Statement:
"I told the team in the locker room that even though this certainly wasn't one of our prettiest, it's one of the wins that I think that I am most proud of and that I will be most proud of for a long time; partly because I think that we had thirteen people, including the redshirts, including Tierra [Rogers], and everyone on the bench locked in the entire time. Colorado is really good. We have been on a stretch of playing really good teams, this is what we wanted in the Pac-12, and I think this really speaks just to our resolve and believing that we can win any which way. I do think that we were exposed in the things that can tend to be our weaknesses one at a time and they kind of all came up at once. And Colorado is really good and they are going to make you pay, but I love the fact that we hung in there, I knew shots would eventually fall, I thought the team stayed locked in and we changed it to our style. I thought Eliza Pierre really started that in the first half and I thought everyone else fed off of that. I love how Brittany [Boyd], even after she picked up that third foul, stayed engaged and then changed it when she came back in because no one can stop her in transition. So I thought it was a great team win, not the prettiest, but a really, really good team win. And in conference play when you face unbelievable teams like Colorado, to not have a loss on one of your imperfect nights says a lot about the young women that I am fortunate to coach."

On what she told the team at halftime
"Well I thought that it was key that we cut it down to eight at the half, I thought that was really big. At around 3:35 left to go in the first half and we were down by sixteen, I said that we needed to get it to under 10. And that's when we started the press and it's not that we got a steal and a score every time, but I thought that we changed the energy. So what I told them at half time, is that the way that we played that last four or five minutes, we have to play that way from the jump. But also, I tried to give them confidence in that Colorado wasn't going to stay that hot, but at the same time we need to make changes too and not give them open looks. I thought we came out early in the second half with great energy and we still didn't necessarily make shots, but you had that feeling that we were going to fight though it and we were getting offensive rebounds and chipping away. I knew that we were going to be able to get it going."

On the tempo of the second half
"They like to play in transition too, and I tell the team over and over, that the only person who can stop Brittany Body in transition is Brittany. I can also help them out by pressing, by calling some things defensively that get us going. And that's why we try to put on the press, knowing that it's a little bit of a risk. They have good players on the other end, but I just thought that the tempo shift was what we needed. But it always starts with them, with these players who buy in, who take it up a notch. Colorado is really good and they came out here and played well, but I never lost belief. I knew that we would get it going and come back."

On if she thought players took undisciplined shots
"I think that you have to understand that if we are going to play fast, and we are going to be aggressive, you have to let them go a little bit. I thought most of our looks were good. Can I watch the film and say here or there? Maybe. I thought Colorado did a really good job of crowding the paint and early on if we normally attack and there are three or four people there, well we have to be in attack mode and then make the adjustment. I mean there are a couple here and there, but a lot of them were good looks that didn't go and we'll keep getting better on offense."

On her key hustle plays down the stretch to save balls from going out of bounds
"I just seemed to tip it and then I was like okay just go get it. I was just running the floor, trying to get back on defense and I saw that it was far enough in bounds to save it, so I just through it back hoping that one of my teammates was there. And Gennifer [Brandon] was fortunately enough was there and then that's when our break went and I just ran back down the floor again and I got an opportunity for a layup."

On if she was motivated to get the ball back and finish on the other end
"No I didn't really expect the ball back. I just saw that I had a wide open lane and Layshia [Clarendon] saw me and no one was guarding me so I just attacked the rim."

On the team's strong resolve at the end of games recently
"I think it's how bad we want it. We're in pretty good shape, I believe. We get tired at times, but I think it's just how bad we want it and I believe that if you really want something, then you are going to go get it. So whatever I can do to help my team, a layup, a steal, a charge, whatever I can do to help my team win, then that's what I'll do. And we have one goal in mind, and that's the Pac-12 championship and we don't want to just give it away. And give it away knowing that we are so capable of doing so much more."

On bouncing back from early turnovers and foul trouble
"I realized my turnovers in the beginning. There were two passes that weren't high enough and they were too slow. And I just had to have a short memory and let it go. There was still a whole second half left of basketball so I believe that I just figured out what I could do better and it didn't really bother me."

On rebounding from a tough first half
"Eventually I knew that we were going to knock down shots. And I believed my teammates on the bench who were just telling us to keep on going, keep on going, and what are we playing for? We're playing for the Pac-12 championship. And they just kept on reminding us of that and I felt that that just motivated us and that gave us an extra lift. And then once we saw someone make a play, then it just went from there and everybody started making plays."

CALIFORNIA GUARD Layshia Clarendon
On if the team feeds off hustle plays like Brittany Boyd's tonight
"Without a doubt. I think that's one of my favorite things about this team, it's that you have anyone who can step up and make those kinds of plays. I was going to give her the ball right back. You can see it, when you make a play and then you are running up and down the court it's like I knew that she wanted it and it's just that kind of momentum. And you have Eliza [Pierre] who comes in and gets that first steal. It's those kinds of plays that get you going."

On rebounding from a tough first half
"We know that we weren't playing our game. Shots don't just fall; there's just this kind of negative energy, kind of like a pulling energy that's like you're not getting stops, you're not getting any quick points, you're having to bring the ball up and run a set every time. So we knew that it was that our defense needed to dig in and stop. So like Brittany said, our teammates just kept checking us, we didn't come this far to throw away our Pac-12 chances away."

On her defense against Colorado's Chucky Jeffery
"She's a great player. I think the thing that's hard about their team is that they are one of the best teams, like Lindsay said in our conference. As fast as we are pushing they are right back at you so it's like I scored on this and it's like running to find Chuckey as soon as the ball is in play. She is a really good player who moves well without the ball, can post you up, kind of all around. She is just one of those players who you can never take your eyes off of or else she's going to crash the boards. She's one of their leading rebounders so you can never get a rest with her. There were a couple of plays where I asked Eliza to switch on her for me to give me a break for a couple of seconds until I can switch back on her. But I was constantly moving and having to say on your guard."


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