Postgame Quotes: California-Pacific

"I think Richard has a wealth of talent; he just has to realize what's good play what's bad play, what he can do, what he can't do. He gets tired and he's not as good, so we have to make sure we keep
By Cal Athletics on Sun, November 25, 2012

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Nov. 25, 2012

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On Richard Solomon:
"I think Richard has a wealth of talent; he just has to realize what's good play what's bad play, what he can do, what he can't do. He gets tired and he's not as good, so we have to make sure we keep him fresh out there. We've got to keep working with Richard. He missed basically all of last year, and he can really help us now. He's gained a lot of weight and strength so we'd like to see him continue to grow."

On Justin Cobbs:
"Justin has gotten better, there's not a question about that. He's figuring out how to be effective. The mid-range game, he's reluctant with, but in the last couple games he's jumped up over a couple people and made the most of them. Sometimes he's got to recognize how to immediately get the ball to the shooter. Justin's been good. We're kind of playing seven guys right now, we need to expand that. I need to get some of these guys more rest. It's hard on them, but we're trying to win games, so that's what we're going to do."

On Pacific:
"Bob's an excellent coach, he runs a lot of good stuff. We knew they were going to do a lot of pick-pocket stuff, I thought they had a little bit of trouble with our length. We started out really well, we're better when we're scoring the ball. We had one stretch where they started getting frustrated, but we're getting better. We're still in November, we're not even in December yet. We'll find some things out coming up."

On the potential of his team:
"If we execute, we're hard to guard. Without bumping us or holding us, we're hard to guard. We've got some big size. If you don't have guys that can defend those kind of guys we're going to get fouls. And we can shoot from the line."

On Tyrone Wallace:
"I thought he was nervous. I've got to give Pacific credit, they're tough. And the stuff they were doing to us, Crabbe and Cobbs, they've been around, but for freshman, Ty has been really good. I thought he had a really good tournament, we needed him and with Ricky going down Ty had to play big minutes."

More on the potential of this team:
"I think we've got talent. It's a matter of us taking advantage of our talent and guys being able to be as good as they're capable of. We've got to know how to get Allen Crabbe shots, that's a team thing. Turn that around, Allen knows he's going to draw a lot of attention, so he's going to be able to help get guys shots. There was a moment tonight when I said, the wrong guys are taking the wrong shots. If the guys understand that they aren't going to make every shot, then we're going to be a decent team."

On how good will this team be this season:
"That remains to be seen, that's why we play the games. I think the league has improved drastically. We've got top teams in the next three weeks. How you react to adversity is what makes you good. How good we are, remains to be seen. What I do like is that I think we have enough pieces that if they are able to do what they're capable of, we'll be fine."

Junior guard Allen Crabbe

On this team:
"I feel like it's a good opportunity for us to step up this year, and so far we're doing a great job. Brandon and Justin are doing a great job - making sure we execute. Justin definitely deserves the MVP, he was the most consistent.

On your performance:
"I told myself I needed to relax and be more patient. Today I told myself to be more patient and to take what they gave me. Fortunately I was able to make the shots."

On this team:
"I am very excited about the group of guys that we have. I know we can be something special. We can only grow from here. Everybody has one goal in mind, and we can be a great team."

Junior guard Justin Cobbs

On the game:
"Me and Allen talked about being consistent, going out there and being patient. We also talked about defense and things that don't have to do with offense. But mostly to go up there and shoot with confidence."

On your performance:
"Coach always talks about how as a point guard you have to be a leader - the team follows the leader. I'm 21 now, I've grown a lot. I've been here before, I'm just finally finding a rhythm and playing my game. Things are working my way."

On where this team can go from here:
"As much as it means to win this tournament, it's still early. Were excited for the upcoming tests and we'll see where we go after that."

Pacific Head Coach Bob Thomason

On the game:
"Congratulations to Cal. Their scoring players played really well tonight. I was worried that they would shoot a lot of free throws and they did. Real proud of our guys, we got within 5 points. And then all of a sudden our conversion wasn't good. [Cal] did a great job down the stretch. I was surprised that some of our players, who have been shooting so well, couldn't hit a shot. We've got to trust ourselves and find ways to improve. There are a lot of ways we can improve but it's been a great tournament for us."

On the play of Allen Crabbe and Justin Cobbs:
"They're very good. Crabbe's so long, he curls a lot, he can shoot a three, and he gets fouled. He's not only a shooter, but he's a scorer. But Cobbs is so strong. Their big guys are really big inside and I tried to get my guys prepared. We seemed to go in there and not have the balance to get the shots. Trevin had some great shots, Travis had some great shots. I was really happy with the way Tim Thomas played. Timmy is going to make great progress for us. He has a great touch. That's positive for the game too, him playing better."

On the tournament:
"Just coming down here and playing 3 games in 4 days and our 4th game this week, we played at home on Monday, - our guys battled real well. I thought we had a little less...not effort, but spirit. I thought we kind of backed up a little on that. The tournament is run first class. I'm glad we represented the Big West. We're finding out what we do well, what we don't do well. We've got to build that confidence that we can compete against big teams."

On the team:
"I think Travis was rushing it. He can make that shot, but that's not what he should be doing. I thought Travis had some great looks. Trevin had some great looks. There's a lot of potential on this team. With Timmy starting to come around we have a lot of different parts. We just have to use those parts. That's experience. We'll get back about 4 in the morning, they'll be in class. We'll lift weights tomorrow and will be practice on Wednesday. These guys are great kids and they're learning how to compete.

On his thoughts of the tournament overall:
"The tournament was run unbelievably. I couldn't be more happy to be a part of it and I wish it the best in the future. Now Big West teams know they can make it in the tournament."

Pacific's Lorenzo McCloud

On the game:
"My aggressiveness came out in the first two games, I don't think it came out tonight."


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