Postgame Quotes: California-Creighton

"They did a good job defensively. They came in and they faced Allen and tried to deny everything that we run. It is smart. There are some things we can counter with that we didn't do a really good job
By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 15, 2012

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Dec. 15, 2012

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the offensive struggles
"They did a good job defensively. They came in and they faced Allen and tried to deny everything that we run. It is smart. There are some things we can counter with that we didn't do a really good job of doing and we did not get other people involved, which is what we have to do. We have to get over the idea that he's the only guy who can score. We've got to find other people. We ran something in the second half where we knew that if we set screens with Allen, they weren't going to bring help. The guy that was open didn't even pass it to him because he was looking for Allen. We've got to get other people involved. We've got to establish a low post game. I thought that Tyrone came in and did a really good job. We're going to have to just play the game and not play the play that says we're supposed to get this shot. There are things were supposed to get if the first option doesn't work and we're not doing that right now."

On Doug McDermott
"He's pretty consistent. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He doesn't miss a lot of shots. It was a hard matchup and we knew it was going to be a hard matchup. It was why we went with Kreklow more minutes than we would have anticipated. It was a hard matchup for any of our bigs. Wragge is a really good shooter as well even though he went 0-for-6. We had a tough matchup situation. We went small so that we weren't trying to guard McDermott with the four. It was a problem. He stepped off. They do a lot of things with flare screen and doubles away. It just isn't what our big people aren't used to doing in terms of defending. He makes free throws, he makes threes, he's a good player. A bunch of guys fouled out. I thought they protected him a little bit early on but it probably balanced out. He's a really good player."

On Ricky Kreklow
"I had not anticipated him playing. He practiced on Thursday. He saw another doctor or ours and performed and ultrasound and identified what it was that was wrong couldn't get worse, but it could just hurt more. There wasn't much that can't be hurt more, it just might not heal as fast, but the thing might not heal for four more weeks. There wasn't a risk for major damage. So much like when he had the sprained ankle, his dad was pushing him a little bit and wanted to see him out there. We had anticipated a couple minutes here and there but I felt that the way the game was being played and the matchups made him the best option. He does make a difference for us. He creates activity and gets physical and gets after it."

On what this stretch of games means
"We're not good enough yet. These are good teams. I want to know what it is I can do better to help them. I thought once they got involved they were competing. There were times when we couldn't get the ball because we weren't big enough or quick enough but we out-rebounded them by 15. If you look at it statistically other than the fact that we couldn't shoot the ball there weren't many glaring errors. We only had eight turnovers for the game and some of those we shouldn't have made. We didn't shoot it very well. You have to give Creighton credit for that but I think then you have to look at yourself and ask how you're going to get better shots and higher percentage shots. Free throws were an issue again. We shot a lot of them in the last week or so and everybody is reporting big numbers but obviously they aren't translating into games."

Junior guard Allen Crabbe

On whether or not he was feeling rushed when shooting
"I felt like there were some shots all night that I usually make. I guess I just sped up a little bit and it caused me to miss my shots. I should've tried finding my teammates better."

On whether he felt flat coming out of the game
"I came in earlier today to do some shooting and I was feeling pretty good about it, but when I took the shots during the game they just weren't going in. It was just one of those days."

On the game plan to limit Doug McDermott
"As soon as he gets the ball double team him, not give him 33 points but you've got to give him credit, he is a good player."

Freshman guard Tyrone Wallace

On his comfort level on the court
"I feel more comfortable in my ability to help the team. I go out there and just try to be aggressive and help out and that is what I did."

Creighton Head Coach Greg McDermott

Opening statement
"This is a great win for our program. I've got the utmost respect for Coach [Mike] Montgomery I've got to know him over the course of the last three or four years. Just really admire the way that he operates and runs his program. I brought an Iowa State team in here four or five years ago and got it handed to us. But our guys competed tonight defensively especially. Our goal coming in was to hold [Justin] Cobbs and [Allen] Crabbe under 50 percent shooting and I thought that our perimeter defenders, except for that little stretch late in the first half where Justin got going, we kept them in check. You can only do so much with guys like that. They are really talented but I was really proud of our defense and then offensive, obviously, Doug [McDermott] had another special performance. He scored in a lot of ways and in the second half I thought that we got some contributions from some other places. Gregory Echenique was much more active in the second half, Grant Gibbs had couple of big threes, Jahenns [Manigat] knocked a couple down as well. We didn't certainly play our best defensively but a lot of it had to do with Cal."

On Jahenns Manigat and the team's defense
"We've got and interesting team because Doug's our best scorer, Gregory is our best interior defender, Austin [Chatman] is our best defender on the dribble, Jahenns is our best defender in terms of chasing screens and avoiding screens and Grant [Gibbs] is kind of the old man on the team that kind of plays like an old man and then we've got some contributions off of the bench. I'm just blessed to be coaching a group of guys that know who they are and plays to their strengths. I told Jahenns before the game `I don't think that Crabbe has seen a guy that's willing to chase as consistently as you're willing to do it,' and I think that Jahenns had an unbelievable game at forcing him to take unbalanced shots."


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