Cal-SMU Postgame Quotes

Cal-SMU Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Wed, March 26, 2014

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery:

Opening Statement…
“Well as disappointed as it is to be one shot away from going to New York, I was really proud of these guys and the effort they put forth. We were obviously a little short-handed in some ways. We knew that we were going to have a hard time on the glass and that proved to be the case. They probably got 16 second-chance points, which was difficult for us to make up. We didn’t get any off the glass. I thought we really competed…I thought we played unselfishly. We shared the ball…guys making shots because they got in a rhythm and felt good. The environment, the atmosphere was terrific. It’s great to see the job Larry has done here and got the excitement back up. It was loud….you generally don’t get that at a NIT game typically this time of year but it was a really great environment.

I thought we really responded. It was a really high-level basketball game. We shoot 51 percent against a team that’s fourth in the country in field-goal percentage…so we’re obviously doing some things well. It’s just sad to see it end, but you can’t fault the effort of these guys.”

On playing zone most of the game and switching to man on the last possession…
 “We felt like we could switch everything. We had a line-up that was capable of switching all the ball screens. In that situation, we did not want to give up a shot in the zone. They would have known where we were in the zone. They would have gotten a shot and it probably would have been a similar shot to the one they took because they would have moved the ball. I don’t second-guess that decision. I thought it was the right decision. We were switching all the ball screens…everybody was prepared to do that. Tough shot…good result for them.”

On considering calling a time-out after SMU took the lead late…
“Yeah…that’s probably something we haven’t done very much of and that falls on me. My philosophy, would be typically in that situation you would grab it quickly throw it in to Justin and race up the floor. You’re probably going to get a shot because they’re not going to be set. The problem is, we have not worked on that or done enough of that. We didn’t grab it quickly enough to create an advantage. We actually got a decent shot. You want to grab it and bring it as quickly as you can so the defense can’t get set. We just weren’t able to do that.”

Senior point guard Justin Cobbs:

On making the three-point shot to take the lead late in the game…
“I just wanted to make a play. I just felt like trying to go out there and help the team win any way possible. I just thought if I get my legs into the shot and jump over him that I would be able to get a good look.”

On how his last shot felt leaving his hands…
“It felt good actually…it just didn’t go down.”


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