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Cal-Stanford Postgame Quotes

Cal-Stanford Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Wed, February 05, 2014

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery 

On the offense and the second half

“We had trouble scoring. There’s no question about that. We had a run at the end of the first half that got us to six. We wanted to get it under 10 and we got it to six which was probably better than we expected. We got three great looks coming out of the locker room that were probably the best shots we got in the whole game to start the second half. We didn’t make any of them. We made some poor decisions mentally in that stretch rather than be patient. We couldn’t keep them off the foul line. We couldn’t defend. Some of the turnovers happened in a critical time. We needed some stops and we need to get out and get some baskets and we couldn’t do it. We didn’t do a great job on the boards blocking off so we couldn’t get the ball cleanly. We didn’t do a very good job of defending and we weren’t very sharp offensively. We ended up shooting 41 percent for the game but it seemed a lot worse than that.”

On Stanford

“I would say that they came in and I can’t say I was surprised at how aggressive they were. With us having beat them there and coming off a pretty good weekend. They got a split but they could have beaten Arizona. They have been more aggressive than us on many occasions the last few years. They’ve been more aggressive here. I think they were again. They’re very physical. We didn’t handle that very well. As a result we got ourselves in a huge hole. Then we got ourselves on a little run but we couldn’t sustain it.”

On moving forward

“Stanford was probably really disappointed we won at their place. There were probably some raised eyebrows and some surprise. They’ve pretty much held serve since then and matched us. I think that there’s enough people that can beat anybody. It’s going to be really interesting to see who fits into the 6-7-8-9-10 spots in this league. There’s going to be some really good teams. Our work is really cut out for us. We’re going to have to look at each game as going to be really important for us. I think Stanford deserved to win. I thought they played well. They had some key people perform. We had some key people not perform, not make shots, and not do what they normally would do. They had 16 more shots from the foul line. They were 28-35. Try as we might, we couldn’t seem to defend somebody who was determined legally. They got a lot of foul shots and they made them.”

On Jabari Bird’s struggles

“You’ve got to make plays. You’ve got to play hard. You’ve got to defend. You’ve got to board. I’ve got 11 guys that can play. I really do. In one way or another I could justify them getting some playing time. I’ve just got to figure out who can help us the most in terms of what they can contribute. We’d love to have Jabari step up and do some stuff.”

On the team

“There’s no read to be gotten. There’s nothing to read. If you play well, if you play hard you can beat anybody. If you don’t, you can get beat by anybody. It’s no more complex than that. We have breakdowns and those hurt us. The veterans have to compete. They have to lead. That’s going to be our best chance.”


California Players

David Kravish, Junior Forward

On the offense tonight

“We just missed our shots and they would come down and convert.”

On the offense’s slow rhythm

“We just didn’t have a real big flow. It didn’t feel like we had a flow, shots weren’t going down for us today.”

On if the offense struggled more than the defense tonight

“Personally, I think so. At the beginning of the game we gave up a couple open shots and they came out, hit a few threes and we left them open. But, aside from that, I thought we played pretty good defense. For whatever reason they got to the foul line and we didn’t as much.”

Tyrone Wallace, Sophomore Guard

On how Stanford was able to shut them down

“I don’t think it was so much what they held us from…like Dave said, we didn’t finish plays…we had layups we missed, I missed a few layups myself and that hurts. When we miss layups and they come back down and score, then obviously we’re going to be at a disadvantage. They isolated a lot and we couldn’t really help off the shooters, so it hurt us there. We just have to play better and people who are capable of making plays have to make plays.”

On whether they lacked intensity following the Arizona game

“I don’t think so. I mean, we started off and we were with them right there thanks to Dave. He was keeping us in, but we got down like a lot of our games, and we just couldn’t come back after that. We have to stop getting down so much in the first half. Even though we did cut it to six, if we were right there even and we went on a run we would be up, so we just have to play better and make plays.”


Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

On the game

“Well as always it is an incredible game anytime you have a rival game, you just never know what you are going to get. I think that was evident not only in the way the game was played but from last game to this game and within this game itself. First half to second half both teams were making runs, both teams were battling. I think that we were fortunate that we came out the winner tonight.”

On the team’s composure

“I am very proud of our guys, and that is what I told them in the locker room. Mainly I was proud of them, you know when Cal made the run to close the first half, that is hard to withstand. They closed the half with two three’s, cut to six and their ball coming out of the second half. I was like ‘where is my team’, and I found out a lot about us. I found out that our guys have a lot of substance to weather that storm, come out, and regroup and have the second half we had says a lot about their character.”

On Dwight Powell

“You know he didn’t shoot the ball as well as he had but he provides us a presence out on the floor, whether he is on the perimeter or the post, people have to pay so much attention to what he does. What I am more happy about, and proud of, is that he took 17 shots and I am equally as happy that he had six assists. He makes guys better, he is capable of scoring himself, he has shown that and he is one of the best players in this conference and I think he showed that tonight as well.”


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