Postgame Quotes: Cal-Denver

Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Tue, November 12, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game

“I was pleased. We worried about the back cuts that they set you up and get layups. We tried to not let them back cut and make them come to the dribble hand offs. Olson is a good shooter. Justin wanted the challenge of guarding him and he did a really good job. The main thing you have to do against Denver is maintain your concentration. They kind of lull you to sleep. They cut and cut and cut and the next thing you know a guy starts in the same place and he back cuts and there’s a bounce pass. I think Justin did a really good job of keeping him from getting those. For that matter I thought that generally we did a good job. A couple guys got burned once or twice on back cuts but generally speaking, did not. We kept them around the perimeter. We had pretty good defensive intensity across the board.”

On Richard Solomon

“Richard was a beast on the boards. He really was, mostly on the defense but some offense. They play a switching man to man. If you stand, they’ll match up. What we tried to do was to force a guard to switch onto a big and then come back at him. David was a recipient of that much of the first half fairly consistently. I thought we did a pretty good job at point of attack and creating foul situations. We had 25 foul shots and we only took seven threes so we didn’t fall prey to just trying to shoot it the first time. We took it to the basket. I thought that was good.”

On starting Jabari Bird over Ricky Kreklow

“Ricky didn’t do anything wrong and he’s played really well. In order to try to get veterans on the floor at all times with two preps, I’ve got to have someone else to bring on. My thought process was to start with one of the freshmen and then bring Ricky in at the four to rest David [Kravish]. Then I could move Ricky out and rest Jabari and put another guy in. I think that’s a decent strategy. I felt bad for Ricky because he got two fouls quickly…. I need the veterans out there. I need their presence with some of these young guys to help stabilize them. Frankly Ricky has been the best communicator in terms of helping those guys out and telling them where they’re supposed to be.”

On Sam Singer

“I like Sam. We can move Ty to the one. Obviously, the one is a tough position to play. If I have him in, who do I have at the two? Maybe I’ll have Justin in at the two for example and have him in more scoring situations. Sam shot the ball well. He’s a good shooter. He’s going to gain confidence as we good along. We like Sam. We like all of our freshmen. It’s a situational thing. We also have some veterans that won some games for us and we need to be mindful of that.”

On Jabari Bird

“Jabari is obviously very capable. He’s going to be really good. He was probably a little bit nervous. He wants to be good. You just have to keep working. He’ll be fine when he gets his feet under him and more comfortable with the offense and more comfortable with where his shots are going to come from. I would like to see him rebound the ball more [in order to get] that nervousness out of your system. For all of these young players; they’re going to need to get game experience and figure out how to be most effective.”


Richard Solomon

On his career-high 16 rebounds

“I was just putting myself in position to get the rebound…just holding off my man, and just going up, jumping up and getting as high as I can, and they just kept coming at me. It’s kinda easy when they just fall into your hands.”

His reaction when Justin Cobbs went down

“You hate to see a teammate go down, no matter who it is…no matter what the cause, no matter how small, no matter how big. You just hate to see a teammate go down, and hate to see your teammate in pain.”

On the Solomon-Kravish block tandem

“When David and I get after it, we can both rebound the ball. You saw David in his freshman year went for 17 rebounds, I went for 16 tonight. We can both get it going offensively and we both love to block shots. When we get going we can be pretty good. We’re long, athletic, we can jump, we like to rebound, and we like to get the ball too. When we’re in sync, we’re pretty good.

David Kravish

On his hot start (made 9 of first 11 pts)

“They were just giving me the ball. Denver’s not as big, and we talked about focusing on getting ball inside a little bit after the last game. We took advantage of them switching, and they were just giving me the ball.”

On ‘polish’ to his offensive game this season

“I think just going into any offseason, if anybody’s thinking to get better, you just have to put the time in. I definitely put the time in, the jumper wasn’t falling as much as I’d hoped…but yeah, I put a lot of time in this offseason with my postgame, just touch, and then mid-range. [It’s coming along]…except for that air ball, but it happens.”

On the team’s defensive discipline this year

“I think it has to do with the leadership on the team…I think it’s more grounded, or more solid. Especially after last year, we started out six and zero, thinking we were everything, and then we had a huge lull…I think that’s one thing we really have to focus on is taking one game at a time. No matter what happens in the past, it’s in the past. We just have to build on every performance, every game we can. We can’t take what we did for granted because the next game is a new challenge and we’re not just going to roll over anyone.”


Denver Head Coach Joe Scott

On the game

“We didn’t get off to a good start, our shooting, obviously, was non-existent, I mean for all intents and purposes. I mean in general obviously it was a very tough assignment right out of the gate, against a veteran older team. They played like that; they had a game Friday night, they were ready to go, they had familiarity between themselves having played. They took advantage of that, and they were ready, prepared. I know that we were prepared defensively, I thought our defense was pretty good generally speaking. It is hard to maintain your defense when the ball never goes in the basket for you, that is why shooting is so important. I thought generally our principles, our preparation was good for the game. Our guys were pretty good defensively, our offense just let us down. The last part of defense is rebounding the ball, it’s going to be an Achilles heel for us all year, no question about it. Until the time we get committed in that locker room to be more physical, to box out, to have five guys doing it all the time, it’s going to hurt. We didn’t get any offensive rebounds and it didn’t matter whether it is an offensive or defensive rebound, there is a reason for that and we have to get to work on that, so we can improve. That is something that we must get better at. It begins with being more physical and that is going to end up on the offensive side of things as well. We just want physical on both sides of the court.”


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