Postgame Quotes: California-UCSB

"I thought Tyrone has played well and I felt like we could still get the same thing with Brandon off the bench because he's a smart kid and if he's watching what's happening he can go in and Make play
By Cal Athletics on Tue, December 18, 2012

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Dec. 18, 2012

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On Tyrone Wallace
"I thought Tyrone has played well and I felt like we could still get the same thing with Brandon off the bench because he's a smart kid and if he's watching what's happening he can go in and Make plays which is exactly what he did do. He had a good game, he played 21 minutes and he did a good job. Tyrone has played well. He has a double-double with 10 rebounds. He's the one guy who was reacting to the ball in terms of going to get rebounds. He'll just continue to get better and I hope Ricky gets better as well as he starts to get a little timing and rhythm out there. There was no magic. I'm not big on starting being the end all be all. You try to put guys in combinations that will play for you. That was something we wanted to take a look at."

"I don't think he thinks about [staying in the lineup]. I think that's why he's effective. I don't think he's looking at the bench. I think he just goes out and plays. If there's a ball, he goes and gets it. I think that's where he really helps us. He was our leading rebounder from the guard position. 26 minutes and 10 rebounds. He just goes and gets the ball."

On if the team is better with Wallace in the starting lineup
"I don't know, it's just what we're doing. We'll just try it. We need to do better collectively across the board. I thought we should have had a better rebounding margin. We did emphasize trying to keep them from getting the three and they still got 13 of them which we thought was the only way they could beat us. They ended up getting some pretty good shots."

On Tyrone Wallace's position
"He's probably a point, but because he can defend and get rebounds he can play the off as well."

On the front line
"They played some zone and they're undersized with Louis Thomas at the four. We should have been able to score at the block. We still have not established how we're going to get shots and what we're going to get down there. I thought David was passive, though he ended up with 10 points. Robert will finish shots inside. When the middle of the zone was open we were able to penetrate and drop. That's where Robert does a good job of catching and finishing. Robert makes me nervous doing a lot of stuff but he does finish around the basket and he had some good rebounds where we went up and got the ball. He kept some balls alive and that was positive."

On Robert Thurman
"It all depends on how people play us and what they give to us. You've got to be able to do more than one thing. You've got to react to what people are going to try to take away. Obviously people are going to try to take away Justin and Allen. So you've got to have other things to make them pay for that. If they're not going to help in the post at all then you've got to have low post guys who can do that.

On Allen Crabbe
"I think mentally he was bothered the other night. I think Saturday bothered him. He's just got to play through it."

Freshman guard Tyrone Wallace

On his first start
"I was officially informed today. During practice I have been running a lot with the first team over the past week. I wasn't really surprised, I have been playing pretty good and I changed some habits."

On his confidence level
"A lot of it is just confidence. I am confident in my abilities, and what I can do, and I am going to try to help out the team as much as I can."

On the difference between his first and second halves
"I can't tell you. I mean, sometimes you make some shots, and sometimes you miss some shots. I feel like I took some good shots in the first half and they just didn't go down. In the second half I just had to continue to feel confident in myself and they went down."

On his rebounding ability
"Coach has been preaching to us that we have to be rebounding; react to the ball."

Senior forward Robert Thurman

On his tip ins
"We knew we were going to be a bigger team, that was something that we stressed. We always stress getting to the boards, offensively and defensively. I just made sure I had good positioning, and that allowed me to get tip ins."

On seeing more games like this from him
"This is something that I could do throughout the season. So many teams are putting so much concentration on trying to stop Allen and Justin, and getting them out of their rhythm that it opens things up for players like me and Ty to get extra points."

On Tyrone Wallace
"He is really good. He has a really good eye for the ball. The biggest thing is that he has really long arms, he can get in there against the defender as well as get some deflections. He is smart, he is savvy, and he can finish well, for a freshman."

On UCSB as a three-pointer team
"We knew that they were going to be a three-shooting team. They were going around and try for the middle and if that doesn't work they just jack up the three's. We knew they were going to do that but it's easier said than done. They were just pulling back and making them, I think they made thirteen."

UC Santa Barbara Head Coach Bob Williams

Opening Statement
"It just didn't feel like we were in the game, rebounding-wise," coach Williams said. "It seemed like they were playing above us, especially during that first half. Just playing above us on the offensive boards. They got 10 second-chance points in that first half, and those were huge."

"We kind of felt like we had them off-balance a little bit," coach Williams said. "Crabbe is a special player, and there were times when he got frustrated tonight. It didn't seem like he ever got into a flow."

"I told the kids afterward that they've got to keep their heads up and keep improving and keep battling, and I thought we did. The guys were a little frustrated that we shot ourselves in the foot with missed layups.

On the game
"The end of that first half was brutal for us, and during that one stretch in the second half I thought we got a little tired and just couldn't find any buckets. But I liked how we finished, and I liked how they looked for Kyle when he got a hot hand, and I liked how aggressive Taran was. You'd like to see Taran make a few of those transition plays when he's going so hard and has a chance to dunk that thing. He will as he gets more experience."

On Robert Thurman
"That big kid [Thurman] is a load. He's a big strong man, and he played above us. He's more athletic off his feet than I thought he was. He just flat played above us. What we have to get better at, especially at the four-spot, is face-blocking out -- just keeping guys out of the paint by face-blocking them, almost like an offensive lineman in football, where you're just pushing them out, and drop in our guards to rebound."

On Nate Garth
"I thought Nate played really well," coach Williams said. "I liked the fire he had in the second half when he got mad. I'd like to see him get mad more often. "That's a really good sign from him, and maybe this is a spring-board for him."


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