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Cal Weekly News Conference Quotes

Cal Weekly News Conference Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Thu, November 21, 2013

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California Coach Mike Montgomery

On what he hopes to learn playing tough competition in Maui...
“At this point really from here on out everybody is really capable of beating you. I think the four games we played we should’ve won, we had mixed results, we had some good results…but now, all these teams are solid. Some are really good, some could be really good, but certainly the athleticism…everybody’s looking at having a good year. The Maui tournament typically, they research us pretty well as far as who they want there…they know who’s going be on your team before they invite you. They’re pretty picky so as to avoid bad games and they’ve come up with a really good feel. I’m sure the younger guys will be shocked at the level of athleticism and just the difference of the teams we’ll play now, really from this point forward.”

On how he thinks the team will matchup…
“I am curious to see…now you’ll start to see contrasting styles. Arkansas will press for 40 minutes and they’ll come at you with good depth and quick athletes and try to wear you down…we’ve not seen that, we haven’t been on the road. And then if you play Minnesota in the second round, they’re a little bit of the same, they’re in great shape and they’ll press. Syracuse, we know they’ll zone, they have a great zone…so you’re gonna get a lot of different styles and I don’t know. I know that of the guys that are returning, they will be able to adjust to it, they’ve played against it before…none of the freshmen have.”

On Arkansas’ style…
“That’s how Mike’s always played…he did that in Missouri, they played small and they played 5 out, and tried to pressure, and of course Ricky played for Anderson in Missouri so he knows what’s coming. They try to get in great shape, they try to run a lot of people at you…they try to wear you down so last 10 minutes of the game they feel like you feel like you’ll give in. You run the risk of playing their style thinking ‘hey this is fun’, so you start getting up and down and pretty soon you get tired since you’re not used to doing that, so that’s all part of the plan. We’ll see, I don’t know [how we’ll stack up]…like I said we have not seen that. We’ve played mostly against zone, and where we’ve probably had the best athletes on the floor, now it’s gonna be a whole different scenario.”


Ricky Kreklow

On the trip to Maui…
“I’ve never been to Hawaii. I hope I get a little time on the beach. I’ve tried surfing one time it was horrible…down in Santa Cruz, during my first year here they took me somewhere and it was way too difficult for a beginner. I would enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling.”

On the tough competition in the tournament…
“I’m really excited, I know a lot of the guys are really looking forward to it. Besides for the Oakland game where we slipped up a bit, but pulled that one out…we haven’t really had a game against a quality team. I know everyone’s looking forward to see where we stack up against them. We’re all looking forward to getting started against high-level competition.”

On seeing Arkansas Coach Anderson (his former coach at Missouri) in Maui…
“We were all really close…my parents have coached the volleyball team for years at Missouri, so I knew Anderson and his staff for years before I played there. I was able to shoot at the arena a lot without it being an NCAA violation, and I would see them all the time. They’re very personable coaches in terms of their relationship with the players…it’ll be fun to see them again.”

Justin Cobbs

On what he expects from the tournament…
“I think now is when we play real D-I athletes, guys who are as quick as us and as talented as us…then it comes down to team chemistry and cohesiveness, and how we move the ball and play as a collective group. I think we’ll learn what type of team we are, how tough we are on the boards playing against guys with the same athleticism and same speed we have…just to see our mental toughness and see where we’re at compared to other top D-I teams in the country.”

On what the team is looking forward to in Maui... 
“We’re all excited…so many times we’re not looked up on the national scale, you really don’t hear California. We’re really excited to finally show the country what we can do, finally put this university on the map and show we’re as good as any team in the country.”

On what he knows about Arkansas…
“Besides pressing, I know they’re very active, I know they’re very athletic, they have a point guard that is very defensive minded. I know they have a lot of athletes that like to run and jump and get out on the break. I think my role will be to see how the game goes, you never know what can happen…but I’m going to go out there with a point guard mindset and go out there and try to get my team involved... if need be, I’ll have to score then I’ll pick up the slack and score the ball and be aggressive, but as a point guard that’s your role to see how the game goes and then go from there.”


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