Postgame Quotes: California-Stanford

"Stanford played very well. You've got to give credit where credit is due.... They' played with a lot of confidence. When they shoot the ball well they're good. That's kind of been the thing that's ch
By Cal Athletics on Thu, March 07, 2013

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March 6, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"Stanford played very well. You've got to give credit where credit is due.... They' played with a lot of confidence. When they shoot the ball well they're good. That's kind of been the thing that's chronicled about them all year. They shot it well. From our perspective, we made a lot of defensive mistakes that allowed them open shots. We tried to focus on defending the three point line and obviously we didn't do that with them making nine threes. We tended to leave people when I'm not sure we needed to leave people. Stanford causes a lot of problems with the matchups that they have. There aren't not pure low post guys. They spread the floor. They drive. We kind of fell prey to that where we turned our heads, lost our man, and then they shot it in. Each time we made a mistake we paid a price for it and they made shots. When they make shots they're good."

On the offense
"We turned it over 14 times which is too much. They turned it over six, but two of them were late. We had some poor decisions that we made. We were frustrated and not getting certain shots so we tried to do things that were not good for us. They had 19 points on turnovers. That's not a statistic we can live with. We shoot 50 percent for the game. It wasn't like when we took the time to get a shot that we weren't making them. We panicked a little bit and we tried to force action that wasn't there. We turned it over and they got some stuff. We were a little bit undisciplined I thought on defense, where they would drive and we would turn we would get a reach in foul and put them at the line. They got 30 foul shots at our place."

On moving forward
"I think you have to give credit to Stanford for a job well done. They shot the ball extremely well.... I thought the unfortunate thing was that the place was geared to be raucous had we been able to defend better. We were not very aggressive. We were somewhat passive early. If you give up 83 points you're not going to win many games. We were not physical enough defensively. We tended to make mistakes. Every time we made a mistake they made us pay for it and shot the ball in. It's not every time you lose that you come apart. Sometimes the other team plays better than you and they did."

On moving into postseason play
"We've got our work cut out. We're never out of the woods. If you look at this conference... Stanford coming into this thing was a ninth place team, and they're pretty good. You're looking at teams in lower spots that are capable of beating anybody on any given night. Stanford is no exception to that. We've got some work to do. There's nothing guaranteed with this team and there never has been. We've had some gritty wins and made some plays at the end and we didn't do that today."

On Justin Cobbs and the guard play
"He was not very good with the ball. He had eight turnovers and some of them were where the ball just came off of his hands. They had 19 points off turnovers. Ty was 1-of-7 so that wasn't going well for him. We put Brandon in and he tried to take it to the basket twice and nothing was there and it probably wasn't the play. We needed leadership and guidance. We turned it over at times when we could have made it interesting. They scored every time the first part of the second half and really put us in a bind."

Junior Guard Justin Cobbs

On Stanford's defense
"It is just my fault, I couldn't hold onto the ball. Eight turnovers... I just have to take care of the ball. I take all of the blame. That is something that I've got to get better with."

Junior Guard Allen Crabbe

On Stanford
"They were making their shots. It seemed as if everything was going in for them. The just made the plays they needed to."

On the bigger picture
"We've just got to move on from it. We can't do anything about it now, it is over with. We have to look forward and get prepared for the next game. We need to turn things around and get back on track.

On NCAA tournament
"I am not even thinking about it right now, that is out of our hands. All we have to do is play one game at a time. Next Thursday we have the Pac-12 Tournament and that is what we have to focus on."

Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

On the team's defensive effort
"Well you know, offensively I think we've been playing pretty well at times and tonight was no different. Our guys came out and executed the offense well , we spaced the floor like we typically do you know we have some versatile players and we try to play to our strengths. They're a very good defensive team. I think with us, when Dwight's playing the way he's playing and Chasson, we're able to disrupt a lot of defenses."

On the second-half scuffle on the court
"Well I don't really know what happened, you know it's a scrum and Aaron got the ball on the ground and trying to call a timeout, of course, you know things kind of escalated from there. I think both teams we playing just very hard and emotions running high. It's a rivalry game and I think a lot on the line for both teams and its one of those things that happen, but I don't think anybody did anything flagrant, I don't think anyone was doing anything that was below the belt, I think it was just guys playing hard and you know it's unfortunate. Everyone rushed out on the floor, from a coaches standpoint, just trying to make sure nothing happens, and you know the rules say only the head coach can go out on the court, but you know I was glad Mark [Madsen] came out."


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