Postgame Quotes: California-Prairie View A&M

"We played with some enthusiasm and got people involved. We did a pretty good job defensively once we figured out what they were trying to do we were decent and I thought that was a plus. We had 18 as
By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 22, 2012

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Dec. 22, 2012

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Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"We played with some enthusiasm and got people involved. We did a pretty good job defensively once we figured out what they were trying to do we were decent and I thought that was a plus. We had 18 assists. We also had 20 turnovers but some of them came late. We got a little careless with the ball. Just to be able to get away and get a win and get people playing time and get some positive reinforcement was good for us."

On Richard Solomon
I thought he got the ball in pretty good area. I thought he rebounded offensively really well with six offensive rebounds and that would be a really big plus for us. I thought a lot of that came because we were able to penetrate and they were having to help and Richard was left alone and he went and got the ball. Hopefuilly that's a littlee breakthrough for him and he gets a little more comfortable with what he can do. We need some more help at the post. I'd like to get David Kravish moving a little bit more. We've been at this thing for a long time. We haven't had a day off since November something. I think they need some time away. I think we all need to gather. I think it was good to get this win and get guys playing time and we'll come back ready to go."

On Ricky Kreklow
"He came off that last game and was pretty spore. We had a day off and then he came and had another day off. At yesterday`s practice I made up my mind that we'd be better off just letting him sit. It felt better today. But, with Christmas coming up, we've got three days, and we're better off trying to get it to where it really feels good so he can go out there and go 100 percent and try to get some good reps. I think it was the right thing to do."

On trying new things in a blowout win
"We've got enough stuff that we need to get better at. We're not going to try to do stuff that we haven't done. I think there's just some things we need to improve at. We tend to leave people with the ball stranded a little bit. We do it to Robert Thurman. He gets it on the baseline and everybody runs away instead of coming to the ball. That's something we need to get better at. We turned it over some times with that. I think Ty made some bad decisions in terms of passes he tried to make. He had some unforced turnovers. Game time experience for all of these guys will help them all."

On the post play off the bench
"We like to have the fourth post. We're trying to give some guys looks. I thought that Jeff Powers did pretty well. I tried to put him in Kreklow's spot with a certain three-four look. I thought Jeff did fine. The thing about Jeff is that he's a smart player and he always gets what you're trying to do and I thought that was a positive as well. We'd like to see Christian continue to come along and get more comfortable with what we're trying to do. It looks like he can move around a little more a little more."

On if they're ready for Pac-12 play
"Ready or not, here we come. It doesn't make any difference because we have to play regardless. The league is pretty good. There's some good teams. The thing with November and December it's about who you play and where you play them. Some people have had almost all home games. That's why the conference is so valuable because you're home and away with everybody and you get a much better feel for where you really stand. We're probably middle of the pack right now and we're going to have to improve in some areas. We certainly have the ability to finish toward the top and that's our goal."

Junior guard Allen Crabbe

On the condition of Brandon Smith
"He seemed pretty fine in the locker room. He seemed alright ... I didn't even see it. I just know that he hit his head... Brandon's a tough guy he can go in there and battle with the bigs. He's tough though, he'll be fine."

On the duration of their holiday break
"We come back the day after Christmas. We have practice the day after Christmas. We've got practice at 5:30 that night so we get a nice couple of days off."

On what team needs to work on prior to Pac-12 play
"I feel as if we can get the ball better on the defensive side. I notice that we give up offensive rebounds a lot and I'm not going to lie, I have to focus on that too. Because sometimes I do see my man get an offensive rebound and just watch him instead of boxing out. That and not just getting lazy. I feel like sometimes we do get lazy including myself a lot. I think those two areas we can improve on."

On the importance of getting production from other teammates
"It's definitely good for us to have other people and to show the coaches that they can produce for us. Definitely going to help us out a lot down the road, not playing so many minutes. It's going to help us, we're going to be fresh [defensively] for the Pac-12. I feel that we have people that can come in and score for us but do whatever they need to do off the bench to help the team. Like I said, the coach's main thing is just building trust in those players off of the bench and I just feel that if they come in they'll take advantage of the opportunity to see more minutes."

Junior forward Richard Solomon

On getting a holiday break
"It's always good to go home and see our families because we don't get to see our families as much as we'd like to so it's always a good change, just to switch it up. Just to have some family time with friends and people that we haven't seen in a long time, so it's a good turn around."


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