Postgame Quotes: California-UNLV

"I haven't seen what happened. I probably made a mistake. We hadn't worked on pressure much. I actually asked to cushion the ball and keep it in front of them and have them take five or six second off
By Cal Athletics on Sun, December 09, 2012

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Dec. 9, 2012

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the final play:
"I haven't seen what happened. I probably made a mistake. We hadn't worked on pressure much. I actually asked to cushion the ball and keep it in front of them and have them take five or six second off the clock before they got in the offensive area. We got a little aggressive and forced some switching. UI don't know if somebody fell asleep. One our Achilles heels' has been offensive rebounds. We're just not reacting to the ball all the time. I told them that if you can't get the rebound you've got to tip it out and don't give them time. Defensively we got what we wanted. We got an air ball. They didn't really have time to get it to Bennett. The guard came down and either we fell asleep or we were mismatched and they got the rebound and scored the ball. All you can ask is a chance. I would have preferred a two point lead in that situation which might have changed the sequence of what you're thinking at that point. Free throws killed us. I think we were at one point 4-15 from the line. We just missed free throws and he can't afford it in a game like that. We had our chances. I think in the second half we played much harder. Las Vegas did a very nice job. They did a nice job on pick and rolls and they kept us in front of them. Obviously Bennett was a monster."

On the second half:
"We slowed them down. The talk was about them not being great against the zone. I think had it not been for Jones, they really would have struggled. Jones came up big shooting the ball. He shot one from way deep. We kept the ball in front of us. We got isolated a little bit on Bennett. I thought we could have solved that. The zone really helped us and it slowed them down. 31 points in a second half is acceptable and it kept us in the game. I felt foul-wise with Allen getting three quick ones early; that really hurt us. 27 minutes; can't really have that."

On Allen Crabbe:
"We tried to rest guys, but he had a fair stretch. We took him out with two. Obviously we weren't going to sustain offensively so I put him back in hoping he wouldn't get another and then he got the third. He played 27 minutes. We need more of him and we need to make more shots for him especially in a game at that level. He took a few shots where he was off balance and I thought he needed to wait a little more but typically with more opportunities the better he is going to be."

On Tyrone Wallace:
"He plays hard. He's long and he'll go get the ball off the glass. He's good around the basket and he'll go in and finish. Defensively, he's pretty good. He's just a freshman out there and he doesn't know all the stuff. We're happy with Ty."

On Richard Solomon:
"He gets excited. He made some shots early and thank goodness he did. You have to pick and choose what is a good shot for you in the context of when it is. He had a good game, 7-13 with eight rebounds and he got a little bit more physical. I need more scoring in the paint. We're stepping away and shooting jump shots and we aren't getting a lot of offensive rebounds. You've got to get some second shot opportunities."

On Crabbe's flagrant foul:
"The rules are very specific. If you throw an elbow, it's a foul. If there's contact above the head, it's a flagrant foul. Whether there was contact I don't know. I asked them to check the monitors and there was so, end of story."

Allen Crabbe, Jr. G

On the Bears at the free throw line today:
"We normally shoot free throws really well, and I really just can't believe that I missed three free throws. If I had made even two of those we would have won the game."

On the disappointment of losing the game:
"It hurts, we did have that great defensive play. There were so many little things that just didn't happen. We should've won the game. Today was our perfect day to show that we could beat those top teams but it just didn't happen."

On whether fatigue plays a part on the offense:
"We all understand that on big games like these, there are only so many people you can go to. When the game is close the fatigue isn't really noticeable, you just do what you have to do."

Richard Solomon, Jr. F

On the final play of the game:
"I should've gone up and got the rebound. I was boxing out and I should have went up to get the rebound."

On the continued inability to get more rebounds as a team:
"We have to be more physical at the defensive end. Contain our man, box out and we have to fight for the ball. We have to go up and get it, we can't wait for it to bounce or come down, we have to get it in the air. We have to hold our man, so our man doesn't get the ball."

On his first half scoring:
"My teammates were giving me the ball, and I had it going so they just kept feeding me the ball and it really helped us out."

UNLV Head Coach Dave Rice

Opening statement:
"First of all it was a great college basketball game. We couldn't get Cal stopped for most of the game. Coach Montgomery's teams are always so efficient on offense and we certainly had a hard time getting them stopped today. But ( it was a ) great team win for us. Mike Moser went down. He's had some very bad luck this week not being able to play in Portland (OR), his hometown, and then only playing five minutes tonight, but we found a way to get some guys going. We did a good job throwing the ball in the post and dribble penetrating the ball. We know we've got to get better at playing against zone defense but was proud of our effort. Sometimes basketball just comes down to one play. We were fortunate but at the same time we made our luck and were at the right place at the right time."

On the injury to F Mike Moser:
"It was a dislocated elbow and they're going to try and see the Cal doctor right now. It's not good but specifically what that means now I don't know but I suspect that we'll playing without him for some time. What that sometime means I don't know."

On the last UNLV offensive play of the game:
"The last play was for Justin Hawkins to take the ball out of bounds, there was 11 seconds for Quintrell (Thomas) to set up a screen in the back court for Anthony Marshall to clear some space and to get Katin (Reinhardt) in one corner and Anthony had been out in the baseline on the other side and just try and let Anthony Marshall go and create. So Justin took the ball out of bounds and Quintrell set a great screen and cleared some space for Anthony Marshall. (Quintrell) had the awareness and a nose for the ball to go in there and get an offensive rebound. It was a great play for him and a great finish."

On Anthony Bennett:
"He's pretty good. He came to us ready to go, great background from his time in Canada and then at Findlay Prep and the thing that makes Anthony Bennett so good is that you see his talent. I said it from day one: his coachability and his commitment to team. Every time that Anthony is on the bench and I take somebody else out of the game, I feel somebody walking past me on the side and that's Anthony Bennett getting up walking past me to give a high-five to someone coming off of the floor. That's just the kind of infectious positive personality that he has. He's a great teammate and we know that he's going to have a long career at the next level and we're happy that he's here with us as long as he is here."

On Bryce Dejean-Jones:
"Number one: we give our guys confidence, freedom to play but Bryce also let the game come to him. Any shots that he took, which were a little bit quick, was just out of his competitiveness. But he took good shots, his feet were under him and he got it going. Bryce can be a terrific player for us and he's just so competitive. He was trying to hit home runs at times. No one works harder, he's the last guy out of the gym. He's stays with coach (Stacey) Augmon every single day and it was great to see a guy that's worked this hard have the success he had today. He made huge shots for us all game and especially down the stretch."


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