Student-athletes with the top GPA on each team earned the Golden Bear Award.

Academic Honors Luncheon Salutes Student-Athletes

Awards Handed Out For Top Accomplishments
By Cal Athletics on Mon, May 05, 2014

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BERKELEY - The best and the brightest of Cal's student-athletes were recognized Monday at the annual Academic Honors Luncheon at Haas Pavilion.

A host of awards and postgraduate scholarships were handed down as Cal's athletic department paid tribute to a variety of student-athletes demonstrating a diverse set of achievements.

Cal's women's golf team did a back-and-forth to the podium after receiving the Big C Most Improved Team GPA Award and the Golden Bear Team Award for the highest cumulative team GPA on campus. It marked the second year in a row the women's golf team won the Golden Bear Team Award. The winning cumulative GPA of 3.54 set a new Cal record, breaking the women's golf team's own mark that was set last year at 3.46.

Swimmer Catherine Breed took the Walter A. Haas Jr. Community Service Award, given annually to a student-athlete for his or her outstanding contribution to community service. Hammed Suleman of the men's track team captured the Joseph M. Kavanagh Award as the most academically-improved student-athlete. Suleman also was the student speaker for the luncheon.

The following is a list of award-winners:

Golden Bear Team Award
The Golden Bear Team Award is given to the varsity team with the highest cumulative grade-point average. This year's award, for the second consecutive year, goes to the women's golf team with a team GPA of 3.54.

Big C Most Improved Team Award
This award, which goes to the team that has made the greatest improvement in the last year relative to its historical grade-point average, also goes to women's golf.

Tom Hansen Conference Medal
The Tom Hansen Pac-12 Conference Medal is awarded annually at each member institution to that university's outstanding senior male and female student-athletes. The determination is based on the exhibition of the greatest combination of performance and achievement in scholarship, athletics and leadership.

Male - Brandon Hagy (men's golf) 
Female - Alicia Asturias (women's gymnastics)

Neufeld Scholar-Athlete Awards
The Neufeld Scholar-Athlete Awards are given to the graduating male and female student-athletes with the highest cumulative grade-point averages. The award was established by Cal Hall of Famer William Neufeld Sr. in honor and memory of his son, William Jr., who ran track at Cal before his untimely death in a boating accident.

Male - Scott Farley (men's swimming) Female - Nicole Larson (women's track & field)

Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarships
Created to honor outstanding scholar-athletes intending to pursue graduate studies and awarded by each Pac-12 institution, they include a $3,000 stipend for graduate work.

Emi Lawson - women's soccer
Ben Hinshaw - men's swimming
Allison Swartz - field hockey
Mark Brazinski - football

Oscar Geballe Postgraduate Scholarships
This award was created through the generosity of Dr. Theodore Geballe to honor his father, Oscar Geballe. It recognizes Oscar Geballe's devotion to Cal and his strong belief in the value of combining scholarship and intercollegiate athletic competition. Since 1981, the Geballe award has helped more than 75 Golden Bears continue their education at the postgraduate level with a $5,000 stipend going to each winner.

Mitchel Bartolo - football
Kathleen Messinger - women's soccer
Maggie Simpson - women's track & field

Jake Gimbel Prize and Anna Espenschade Award
The Jake Gimbel Prize and Anna Espenschade Award were established in the 1930s and 1987, respectively, to recognize a graduating male and female student-athlete for successful integration of academic and athletic pursuits. The winners of these awards exemplify the true "Golden Bear" spirit.

Male - Carter Crowe (men's crew) 
Female - Cindy Tran (women's swimming), Jordan O'Reilly (field hockey)

Joseph McDonnell Kavanagh Award
This award, in its sixth year, recognizes the student-athlete who has made exceptional improvement in his or her academic and intellectual pursuits at Cal. The University's motto - Fiat Lux, "Let there be light" - is appropriate for this most academically inspirational athlete award.

Hammed Suleman - men's track & field

Walter A. Haas Jr. Community Service Award
The Walter A. Haas Jr. Community Service Award was created to honor Walter A. Haas Jr. for his commitment and service to the University and larger community. This award is given annually to a student-athlete for his or her outstanding contribution to community service.

Catherine Breed - women's swimming

Jonathan and Judy Hoff Football Scholar-Athlete of the Year
In its inaugural year, the Jonathan and Judy Hoff Football Scholar-Athlete of the Year award recognizes a football student-athlete who has dedicated himself to a holistic approach toward academic, athletic and persona development by demonstrating consistent daily routienes, persistent community outreach and collaborative leadership ability.

James Grisom

Golden Bear Achievement Awards 

The Golden Bear Achievement Awards are presented to the student-athlete with the highest GPA on his or her respective team.

SPORT                                                   NAME                                                   MAJOR                

Football                                               Matt Anderson                                  Intended Bus. Aministration

Baseball                                               Jesse Kay                                         Intended Bus. Aministration

Men’s Basketball                                Garrett Galvin                                   Intended Georgraphy

Men’s Crew                                          Jack Kornfeld                                  Molecular & Cell Biology

Men’s Golf                                            Brandon Hagy                                  Business Administration

Men’s Gymnastics                              Kevin Tran                                        Business Administration

Rugby                                                   Spencer Morris                                Business Administration

Men’s Soccer                                      Omid Jalali                                    Bus. Administration/Int. Biology

Men’s Swim/Dive                               Scott Farley                                       Geography

Men’s Tennis                                      John Sanford                                    Business Administration

Men’s Cross Country                        Thomas Joyce                                  Intended Economics

Men’s Track                                         Kyle Ezold                                        Intended Bus. Administration

Men’s Water Polo                              Thomas Agramonte                       American Studies

Women’s Basketball                        Mikayla Lyles                                    Interdisciplinary Studies

Women’s Crew                                  Cara Bohmann                               German

Field Hockey                                       Kristen Lee                                      Intended Psychology

Women’s Golf                                    Jo Ee Kok                                         Business Administration

Women’s Gymnastics                      Alicia Asturias                                 Psychology

Lacrosse                                             Michele Devincent                          Media Studies

Women’s Soccer                              Kathleen Messinger                       Political Science

Softball                                                Mary Lee                                           Mechanical Engineering

Women’s Swim/Dive                       Rachael Acker                                  French/Int. Biology

Women’s Tennis                              Lynn Chi                                            Intended Int. Biology

Women’s Cross Country                Ashlyn Dadkhah                              Cognitive Science

Women’s Track & Field                  Nicole Larson                                   Economics

Volleyball                                           Alyssa Jensen                                  Intended Media Studies

Women’s Water Polo                      Molly Quinn                                       Intended Anthropology


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