Bag Policy at California Memorial Stadium

Release provides details on what to bring to Cal football games
By Cal Athletics on Tue, August 20, 2013

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BERKELEY – To help provide fans with a safe and secure environment to watch Cal football games at California Memorial Stadium this season, a bag policy has been implemented that limits the size and types of bags allowed inside the facility.

Based on best practices being implemented at other venues around the country, fans will no longer be allowed to bring backpacks to contests at Memorial Stadium. Other bags that are 14” x 14” x 6” or smaller, such as handbags or diaper bags, will be allowed.

Cal Athletics developed these new guidelines in consultation with the UC Police Department, Homeland Security and other public safety agencies. According to these experts, backpacks present a particular problem because of the number of pockets and places to conceal items. For public safety, each pocket must be examined upon admittance, which can create longer lines and extended delays entering the stadium. Experience has also shown that many fans don’t check pockets in advance and often arrive with prohibited items at the stadium gates.

As in the past, all bags will be searched before they will be allowed inside the stadium, and fans are encouraged to use clear plastic bags – the NFL policy – as much as possible to speed passage through the gates. Food and drink that are not on the prohibited items list are still allowed in the stadium if carried in one (or multiple) bags that fall within the required dimensions and non-backpack category.

A backpack is considered a bag worn on or over your shoulders with the primary compartment carried on the back. It can have one (cross body) or two straps (over shoulders) and have one or more zippered pockets/compartments. Neither adult nor kid-sized backpacks are allowed.

For fans who have a medical need that requires carrying a bag that does not fall within the size requirements, gate and security staff will be given the power to admit bag exceptions.

Before arriving at Memorial Stadium, all fans are encouraged to review the Cal football gameday guide, which includes a list of permitted and prohibited items as well as maps, transportation options and other important stadium information.

By following these guidelines, fans can help ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all who come out to California Memorial Stadium.

Examples of permissible bags:

Permissible bags

 Examples of prohibited bags:

Prohibited bags


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