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Gameday Info - A-to-Z Guide
By Cal Athletics on Fri, July 12, 2013

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Accessibility Services (ADA Information)

Cal Athletics is committed to guests with disabilities. Memorial Stadium is fully accessible and we provide a wide range of services and amenities for guests with special needs.

The newly renovated Memorial Stadium is designed with many ADA accessibility services including: power assisted doors, elevators, restrooms, concessions, water fountains, ATMs and seating areas. Guests can receive more information by visiting one of our Guest Services Centers. For questions regarding ADA ticket information, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (800) GO BEARS.

  • Closed captioning services

    • For patrons with a hearing impairment, closed captioning will be displayed at the bottom of the video board.  All public address announcements and most board content will be captioned.

  • Restrooms

    • All permanent restrooms are ADA accessible. See restrooms for additional information.

  • Shuttles / Golf Cart

    • ADA shuttle and golf cart services are available for guests with limited mobility, the elderly and women who are pregnant. Shuttles are available 2 hours prior to kickoff and will operate up to 1 hour post game.  Golf carts will continue to operate during the game for guests who wish to leave early.

    • Pregame shuttle pickup points are located at the following designated areas:

      • Upper Hearst Lot
      • Greek Theatre
      • Kleeberger (N Side of Stadium)
      • Prospect Ct (S Side of Stadium)
      • I-House
      • Kroeber
      • Boalt Lot
    • Postgame bus pickup points are located at the following designated areas:
      • Rimway Lot @ Centennial
      • Prospect Court Lot
      • Haas School of Business along Piedmont Ave

Alcohol Policy

  • With the exception of club levels, alcohol is not allowed in the facility.

  • Club Level Policies

    • Alcoholic beverages must stay inside the club area and ESP seating areas. There are no exceptions to this policy.

    • The following alcohol policies apply to club levels (Field, Stadium and University).

      • Age Verification - a valid ID or driver's license is required to purchase alcohol. All guests appearing under 35 years of age will be asked to provide an ID. Guests will receive a hand stamp upon showing proper identification.

      • Impairment - Alcohol will not be served to any guest who is or appears to be impaired.

      • Limit - Guests may only purchase two (2) alcoholic beverages per person, per transaction.

      • Sale Times - Last call for alcohol will begin at 10 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. Alcohol sales will end at the conclusion of the 3rd quarter (Field and Stadium Clubs only). All clubs will close at the completion of game.


  • No pets or animals are permitted. Guide, signal and service dogs are allowed inside California Memorial Stadium with guests that need their assistance. Guide dogs must remain leashed and in the possession of their owner.  

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

  • ATM's, provided by Bank of the West, are available throughout the stadium.

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Baby-Changing Areas

  • Baby changing tables are located in all family restrooms of the facility. Refer to restrooms for additional information.

Bag Policy

  • California Memorial Stadium bag policies are currently being reevaluated to help ensure the safety of our guests. Please refer to this section at a later date to verify changes to our bag policy. Stadium staff will not store items left by guests. All items left unattended outside the stadium will be disposed of by stadium staff. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to avoid delays.

Band, Spirit, and Tradition

  • For information on Cal's Band and Spirit Squads as well as other traditions click here.

Banners & Signs

  • To accommodate the viewing pleasure of fellow guests, signs and banners (of any kind) are not allowed inside Memorial Stadium.

Broadcast Information

  • For complete broadcast information, see the football schedule, where you can find details on televised games, the radio broadcasts and streaming audio/video. All football games are broadcasted live in the Bay Area on KGO Radio 810AM.

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Cal Kid's Huddle

  • Starting when gates open until the end of the 3rd quarter, all kids are invited to the Cal Kids Huddle, the brand new kids fun zone area!  Located near the "kid friendly concessions" on the north concourse, the Cal Kids Huddle offers inflatable games, trivia, face painting, pictures with life cutouts, dress like a Golden Bear try on station, coloring booth, and much more!  

    Opens:  2 hours prior to kick off.  
    Closes:  End of 3rd quarter.  
    Cost:  Free admission for kids of all ages with valid game ticket.  

Cameras / Photography

  • Guests may bring personal, still-photo cameras (lenses no longer than three inches to capture special moments from California Memorial Stadium. Video cameras and monos/tripods are not permitted. Any photography and/or videotaping for commercial purposes is also prohibited without a licensing agreement from Cal Athletics. Cameras must not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the game. Stadium management reserves the right to ask guests to put cameras or video equipment away.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones are allowed inside Memorial Stadium as long as their use does not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the game.

Child Locator Wristband

  • Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring their child to one of the guest services locations to receive a child locator wristband. The wristband will have the child's seat location as well as an emergency contact number in case the child is separated from the party.

Children's Ticket Policy (Age Requirement)

  • All persons 24 months and older must have a valid game ticket to enter the stadium. Children under twenty-four months must be held in a lap and cannot interfere with other guests' viewing of the game.

Club Levels (University, Stadium, Field)

  • For information on Memorial Stadium's club levels and club benefits click here.

Code of Conduct

  • Cal Athletics is committed to serving our fans by providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable gameday experience. Our Fan Code of Conduct has been established to ensure that your experience is consistent with our commitment. Failure to follow this code will result in ejection from the facility, revocation of ticket privileges and/or arrest. Although season-ticket holders may provide their tickets to others, the account holder of record is responsible for the actions of those using their tickets.

  • The following actions are prohibited:

    • Any action that disrupts other guests' enjoyment of the game
    • Possession of any item listed on the "Prohibited Items List"
    • Use of foul, abusive, or obscene language or gestures
    • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
    • Intoxication or signs of impairment related to alcohol or drug use
      • Fans that appear to be inebriated and unmanageable will not be permitted admittance into the stadium and may be subject to arrest.
    • Failure to follow the directions of law enforcement or stadium management
    • Sitting in a seat other than one's ticketed seat location
    • Engaging in action that causes a disruption or interferes with the game
    • Refusal to remove clothing deemed offensive or obscene
    • Smoking and/or tobacco use

Compliments, Comments & Concerns

  • Your voice is important to us, and we value your feedback. We want to hear about your gameday experience. Click here to fill out a customer care form.

Commercial Activities

  • All commercial activities are prohibited.

Credit Cards

  • For your convenience, the Cal Athletic Ticket Office, permanent concession stands and permanent merchandise booths accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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  • Demonstrations, petitions, gatherings, displays, etc. are restricted to public sidewalks. Such activity must not impede the use of public sidewalks or guests' ability to enter California Memorial Stadium.

Dress Code

  • To help assure the safety and security of all guests at California Memorial Stadium, Cal Athletics reserves the right to ask anyone with clothing deemed to be derogatory, profane, scantily clad or offensive to remove the item or cover up the item before entry into the venue. Those who refuse to abide by the dress code policy will be denied entry or removed from California Memorial Stadium.

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  • Fans that refuse to follow the direction of stadium management or fail to comply with the Fan Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection and/or arrest without a refund of their game ticket and may lose ticket privileges.

Emergency Information

  • Should you need immediate assistance, please notify the nearest event staff member, security personnel, police officer or guest services representative.


  • In the event of a serious emergency at California Memorial Stadium that requires evacuation, all event staff, event security, police and emergency response agencies are ready and available to assist guests, including guests with disabilities. Pertinent information regarding the emergency situation and evacuation procedures will be provided over the public address system and on the stadium video board. Please remain calm and follow the directions of the public address announcer and nearest stadium management representative.

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Field Access

  • Fans are reminded that attempting to enter or access the playing field without the proper credential may be considered criminal trespassing and is grounds for immediate ejection and arrest.

First Aid

  • First aid services are located at the 50 yard line behind section G on the main concourse and on the East Rim behind section R.

Food & Beverage Policy

  • Outside food and beverage is allowed for personal consumption only.  Outside food and beverage must comply with the prohibited item policies.  

Football Return Policy

  • Footballs that enter the seating area must be returned to the field.

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Gameday Mobile App

  • Cal Gameday is the official Gameday App of the University of California Athletic Department. If you have an iPhone and are going to a Cal sporting event in Berkeley, then this is a must have App, and it’s free! Click here to download.

Gate Information

  • California Memorial Stadium gates open 2 hours prior to kickoff.  Guests may enter the stadium at the gate of their choosing.  

Guest Services Centers - Locations

  • Guests needing assistance should visit one of the guest services centers located at the north plaza across from Gate 2, the main concourse at the 50 yard line behind section H or on the East Rim behind section R. For a map, click here.

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Hall of Fame

  • The Cal Athletic Hall of Fame Room is located on the first floor of the west side of California Memorial Stadium and is accessible from the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Plaza atop the Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance. The Hall of Fame Room will be open to all ticket holders up to one hour post-game.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Concerns

  • Cal Athletics' goal is to provide an enjoyable gameday environment for all guests. Guests can do their part by reporting any housekeeping or maintenance issues or concerns they observe or experience to the nearest stadium management representative or by visiting the nearest Guest Services Center.

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Kickoff Time

  • Kickoff times are listed as "To Be Announced" (TBA) until television selections are made. Some games are chosen for broadcast before the start of the year, and remaining times will not be confirmed until television networks make selections either 6 or 12 days prior to the game. Check local listings or the Cal football schedule for exact kickoff times. California Memorial Stadium gates open 2 hours prior to kickoff.

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Lost & Found

  • All guests looking to claim or report lost items during the event should do so at the nearest Guest Services Center. Because UCPD is the central repository for items lost and found on campus, all lost items are turned over to UCPD at the conclusion of the event. Guests inquiring about lost items from previous events should call the UCPD Non-Emergency line at (510) 642-6760. Guests can also check the UCPD lost and found database by clicking here. Cal Athletics or UCPD cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Lost Children and Guests

  • Children and guests who are separated from their party will be escorted by stadium management to the nearest Guest Services Center. For safety reasons, we are unable to make stadium-wide announcements for lost children or guests. All children are encouraged to stop by a Guest Services Center to get a child locator wristband when they first arrive.

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March to Victory

  • A Cal football tradition, March to Victory takes place approximately two-and-a-half hours before kickoff of each home game. Golden Bear fans form a human tunnel outside the north end of Memorial Stadium to cheer on the team as it marches into their locker room.

Media Will Call

  • All media are required to have a credential. Media will call is located in the Simpson Center Lobby next to Gate 5.  Credentialed media may enter at any stadium gate.

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Paging Policy

  • The paging of guests through the public address system is not permitted.


  • There are no payphones inside California Memorial Stadium.


  • Game programs can be purchased from program stands and vendors around California Memorial Stadium on the Lisa and Douglas Goldman plaza level. Programs include updated game information, rosters, player and coach features, depth charts, stats and more!

Prohibited Items

  • The following items are prohibited inside California Memorial Stadium. All guests are subject to search before being admitted into the venue (see bag policy). Items left outside the stadium by guests will be disposed of by stadium staff. Prohibited items are subject to change.

    • Alcohol of any kind
    • Animals
    • Banners / Signs
    • Balls or other projectiles
    • Weapons
    • Hard fruit or Vegetables (unless cut into small pieces)
    • Glass or Metal Bottles
    • Cans
    • Sticks / Poles
    • Fireworks
    • Hard coolers
    • Bags larger than 14"x14"x6"
    • Umbrellas
    • Derogatory, profane, scantily clad, or offensive clothing (See Dress Code)
    • Artificial noise making devices
    • Video Cameras
      • Monos / Tripods
    • Professional Cameras (See Camera Policy)
    • Laser Pointers
    • Tobacco Products
    • Skateboards / rollerblades / scooters / roller shoes
    • Balloons
    • Illegal drugs
    • Segways (ADA only), Bicycles, Tri-Bikes

Promotions / Giveaways

  • Guests who win a gameday promotion or giveaway should report to the Guest Services Center located on the concourse next to section H.

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Radios (AM-FM)

  • Only hand-held radios for personal use are allowed inside the stadium as long as they do not distract from the enjoyment of other guests. The use of headphones is required.


  • For the safety of everyone at California Memorial Stadium, guests are asked to refrain from leaning on, reaching over, sitting on or standing near stadium railings or ledges.


  • Re-entry into Memorial Stadium is not permitted. No "in and out" privileges are allowed.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  


  • Restroom facilities are located behind the following sections:

    For resroom locations, use these maps:
    West side concourse
    East Rim

    • ADA: North and South Tunnels
    • Family Restrooms: Sections KK, I, EE, C, X, XX
    • Women's Restrooms: Sections A-X, C-D, F, HH, JJ-KK, LL-M
    • Men's Restrooms: AA-BB, DD-EE, I-II, L-LL, W-WW
    • East Rim: 2 executive restroom trailers and portalets
    • Clubs: All club levels have restroom facilities

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Safety Warning

  • The nature of live sporting events presents the possibility that objects (footballs, playing equipment, etc.) could enter the seating areas from the playing field. For the safety of every guest, all guests are asked to remain alert and be aware of their surroundings at all times (warm-ups and the course of the game) while visiting California Memorial Stadium.



  • Details coming soon.


  • For the safety of all guests at Memorial Stadium, Segways (ADA only), bicycles and tri-bikes are not permitted inside the stadium.

Shuttle Services

  • Details coming soon.


  • Skateboarding, skating and scooter riding inside California Memorial Stadium is prohibited. "Roller shoes," athletic shoes with retractable wheels, are also not allowed.


  • Smoking is not permitted. There are no designated smoking areas.  Guests caught smoking inside the facility will be asked to leave.  (See Tobacco Policy)


  • Without prior approval from Cal Athletics, the distribution of banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials is prohibited at all Cal Athletic Events.


  • Click here for more information about marketing and sponsorship activities at Cal Athletic events.

Standing / Sitting

  • Guests entering California Memorial Stadium are asked to enjoy the game from the comfort of the seat indicated on their ticket. Please keep in mind that when you stand, you block the view of others. We encourage fans to cheer, but continuous standing in the seating areas will not be tolerated. Standing or sitting in the aisles, on the ramps or in the stairways is not permitted. Standing on seat backs, standing on bleacher seats or stepping over/on seats is also prohibited. As a courtesy to fellow guests at California Memorial Stadium, we ask that fans wait for a natural stop in the game before entering or exiting the seating sections.

Strollers (Stroller Check)

  • Cal Athletics welcomes fans with strollers. However, their use should not (in any way) inhibit fan movement on the concourse or block any aisles. Smaller, collapsible strollers can be stored underneath a seat as long as they do not create an obstruction for other fans.  Guests with strollers are encouraged to utilize our free stroller check service located on the main concourse at section XX.

Students (Gate, Ticket, & Section Information)

  • Cal students with a Cal student ticket must enter the stadium at Gate 8.

  • Click here for additional Cal student ticket information.

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Tailgate Town

  • Beginning three hours before kick-off, Tailgate Town takes place on Maxwell Field.  This is the place to be pre-game.  Enjoy food, drinks and a beer garden. In addition enjoy sponsor booths and giveaways, inflatable's and appearances by the Cal Band and Spirit Groups.

    Opens: 3 hours prior to kick-off.  
    Closes: 20 minutes before kick-off.  
    Cost: Free admission.  

    Location: Maxwell Field - Map

Ticket Information

  • Tickets - Booth Locations & Times

    • Tickets are sold at California Memorial Stadium starting 4 hours prior to kickoff. Ticket windows are located at the north end of the stadium at the Ticket Plaza, and at the south end of the stadium at Gate 6. Ticket sales will continue until the end of the 3rd quarter.

    • Gates open 2 hours before kickoff.

  • Tickets - Disclaimer

    • The holder of a ticket agrees to abide by all policies and regulations promulgated by Cal Athletics pertaining to events held on the UCB campus. This ticket must not be resold or offered for resale in a manner or at a price in violation of any Federal, State or local law regulations. Tickets obtained from sources other than the Cal Athletic Ticket Office or other authorized agencies will not be honored or refunded.

    • There will be no refunds, exchanges or replacements for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. All persons 24 months and older must have a ticket to enter.

    • The presenter of the ticket consents to a reasonable search for prohibited items before entering. All bags are subject to search.

    • Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in non-admission or expulsion without refund of admission price.

    • Game times are subject to change to meet NCAA, conference, or television commitments. Please check on or with the Cal Athletic Ticket Office the week of the game to verify any time changes.

  • Tickets - Lost or Stolen

    • Tickets that are lost, stolen, or left at home can be replaced for a $10 service fee per ticket. Tickets will be replaced only for the original purchaser/account holder, no exceptions.  Replacement tickets take precedence over the original tickets. Only tickets purchased or received from the Cal Athletic Ticket Office or authorized outside agencies are guaranteed to be valid. The Cal Athletic Ticket Office does not guarantee tickets purchased or received from a second party will be valid. The Cal Athletic Ticket Office reserves the right to revoke all ticket privileges in the case of fraud.

  • Tickets - Game Day Ticket Issues

    • Assistance with any ticket problems can be addressed by contacting the Cal Athletic Ticket Office, and directing guests to the ticket windows located at the Ticket Plaza or at Gate 6. Guests with a ticket issue at a gate will NOT be allowed access into the stadium. If a problem arises after entering the stadium, please contact a Guest Services Representative or an usher for assistance. If the problem cannot be resolved by stadium security, game day ticket concerns can be handled at Ticket Services at the Ticket Plaza. Ticket windows are open 4 hours prior to game time and close at the end of the 3rd quarter.

  • Tickets - Re-sale/Scalping

    • California state law prohibits the unauthorized resale of tickets in, on, or around University property. Any such violation will be addressed by stadium staff and / or the University of California Police Department. People caught selling event tickets in violation of federal, state, or local law may have their tickets and their right to purchase future tickets to Cal athletic events revoked. To avoid counterfeit or stolen tickets, please purchase your tickets through the Cal Athletic Ticket Office.

  • Tickets - Sales and Service

    • Purchase Cal Football tickets in advance:

Cal Athletic Ticket Office Hours
Inside the front doors of Haas Pavilion.
Monday- Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

    • Cal Bears Ticket Sales & Service Hours

Monday- Friday 8:30am-5:30pm
(800) GO BEARS (462-3277)

Tickets may be purchased by cash, credit card (Visa, MC, and American Express) or by check (made payable to "UC Regents").

  • Tickets - Will Call

    • To pick up tickets that were purchased through the Cal Athletic Ticket Office, Will Call is located at the North California Memorial Stadium Ticket Office.

Tobacco Policy

  • Chewing & Smokeless Tobacco

    • Guests are not permitted to bring or use any type of chewing or smokeless tobacco inside California Memorial Stadium. If chewing or smokeless tobacco is discovered inside the stadium, the ticket holder must dispose of it immediately or face possible stadium ejection.

  • Smoking

    • In accordance with university policy, California Memorial Stadium is a non-smoking facility. University policy prohibits smoking in any campus facility and within 25 feet of building entrances, exits, operable windows or air intake vents. The same policies apply to “E-Cigarettes”.  There are no designated smoking areas, and re-entry is prohibited. Advertising tobacco products on campus is not permitted. Guests that do not comply with the smoking policy are subject to ejection and or arrest.

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  • To accommodate the viewing pleasure of fellow guests, umbrellas are not permitted inside California Memorial Stadium. All items left at the gates will be disposed of by stadium staff.

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Water Fountains

  • Water fountains are located behind sections AA, C, D, DD, H, J, K and M. Water coolers are also available in ADA bays as well as on the East Rim.  Temporary water fountains are also available on the East Rim.  

Will Call

  • To pick up tickets that were purchased through the Cal Athletic Ticket Office, Will Call is located at the North California Memorial Stadium Ticket Office. Visiting Team Will Call is located at Gate 6.  

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  • Cal Athletics has teamed with Campus Recycling and Refuse Services and corporate sponsor Recology to make Memorial Stadium a Zero-Waste facility. This comprehensive recycling program focuses on waste reduction, waste diversion from landfills and reuse of waste material. Please help us make this initiative a reality by utilizing recycling and composting bins located throughout the facility. Blue & Gold Make Green!

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