Cal-Northwestern Postgame Quotes

Cal-Northwestern Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Sat, August 30, 2014

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Head Coach Sonny Dykes
Opening Statement...
"I wanted to go into this game and find out where we were and how far we've come. We did not scrimmage a lot of our first-team guys. They had gotten like a dozen or maybe twenty snaps. We scrimmaged some of our backup guys, so I was anxious to find out where we were in the heat of the battle, and I thought the big thing was the guys played smart."

"We had some mistakes out there, but I thought for a first game in a new system we played smart and understood what was going on. The big thing was the guys played hard and you know they were competing until the end and trying to make some things happen. The key is not to panic and that's the thing we talked about all week, 'Don't panic'. Just play one play at a time and I think that's something that the guys did a good job with."

"I just thought offensively they did a nice job. They ran the ball on one touchdown drive and had some key passes and completions on the drive that gave them 14, and they did a nice job there. That's one thing we talked about, in that position we've got to hold them to field goals. This tells us, `Hey this is where we are right now, and now it's time to improve and work and go from here."

On coverage and Northwestern drops...
"Those are things that happen during the game. Sometimes guys make those lucky plays and it goes both ways, just like the interception that they got was a good play and also the completions that they didn't get we were there. Those are things that we've got to clean up and we've got to make sure we take care of this week and that'll be the big thing. You make your most improvements most of the time from game one to game two and I think the big thing is the guys being able to see, `Hey there were some good things and here's where we've got to improve.'"

On last year's meeting...
"The big thing for me is just establishing what this team is. New year. Everything is brand new and we'll see where we are to start the year and make our journey."

QB Luke Rubenzer

On his role in the game/going in...
"They gave me an idea that they were going to put me in depending on how well the game goes, so I didn't know exactly when it was going to be, but I knew it was probably going to come eventually."

On how he felt in the first game of the season...
"It's different going against your own guys every single day. They're seeing the same plays every single day so when you do it against an opponent it actually is more open. It feels a lot better after the first couple of plays. It felt good going against somebody else for once."

QB Jared Goff

On his reaction to the win...
"All the work we put in all season, everything we did from last winter, all the way to spring ball, all the way to summer conditioning and all the way to camp has really kind of just come together. That doesn't mean we're done or we're finished or anything, but it just feels great to especially give the seniors, the guys who have been working for five years to get a big win like this. It's big time. I wish it would have been easier, but we tend to make things hard, and that's how it goes sometimes. We knew it wasn't going to be easy from the moment we came in here. We went up 31-7 and all we talked about was, `You know the adversity is going to come because it always does.' We always hit it at some point and sure enough it came about third quarter there, hit a little lull and Jalen Jefferson sealed it."

On how playing NU last year prepared him...
"I knew their defense better obviously because I played against them, but I think we just came in as a more prepared team. A lot more leadership on the team, a lot more determination, I think. It was just a great feeling."


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