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Postgame Quotes

Postgame quotes from Sonny Dykes and Cal players
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 16, 2013

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California Head Coach Sonny Dykes

On Cal’s Running Game   

“They had six in the box all night; it was going to be tough to run it. We knew coming in that’s what they were going to do, play a lot of quarters and man free, cheat the linebacker to the field and roll the safety down. Later in the game we were able to run because they played five in the box, got the safety back out and we didn’t have any run fits.”

On QB Jared Goff

“He had a hard time; the ball was sailing on him. We felt like we had guys open all night they didn’t do anything different than they did all year. We knew what to expect from the game plan, we just didn’t execute.”


“It’s frustrating. Didn’t play well on offense, didn’t play well on defense, special teams gave up two big plays, an onside kick return for a touchdown and then hit on a squib kick. So it was a bad performance across the board really. Obviously, we didn’t have our guys ready to play so that falls on me.”

On Colorado’s Big Plays

“You look at the big plays they made; we missed a lot of tackles. A lot of critical third down tackles where we had people in position to make them and we missed them.”

On Cal’s Program 

“We have to change a lot of things about our program, but we think we know what we need to do and the changes we need to make. We’re going to get a lot of good players back healthy, which will certainly make a difference for us, and our young guys are going to grow up a year. We’re going to have a good football team next year.”

On RB Brendan Bigelow

“He did some good things, broke some long runs. I felt like he and Khalfani (Muhammad) both had some opportunities in the open field where they got tackled one-on-one, we have to get better in those situations.”

On What He Told QB Zach Kline

“We just told him ‘go play.’ We hoped he’d give us a spark. We weren’t executing very well so we hoped he’d give us a spark and give us a chance to move the ball and he didn’t so we decided to go back to Jared (Goff).”

On Having QB Jared Goff Punt

“That was something we wanted to do when we were at the 40-yard line plus. We had an issue with our punt team last week, and we also wanted to try to down the ball inside the 20.”

On What Coach Mac Said To Him Postgame

“Oh nothing, we’re good friends, we’ve got a lot of respect for each other, we’ve competed against each other four times and we like each other so he just said ‘hang in there.’”


California Players

QB Jared Goff

ON COMING TOGETHER AS A TEAM – “We knew coming into the game that it was something we needed to do in order to succeed. We didn’t do a very good job of that, and that really falls on me. It wasn’t only me, but that’s no excuse. We just couldn’t connect on the field.”

ON THE LOW SCORING NUMBERS – “We never want to score [only] 10 points in the first three quarters of the game, but it happens. It’s something we need to work on. We need to work on a lot of things. [The problem] is not just from one side of the ball; it’s a collection of things that needs to get better.”

ON RECOVERING FROM THIS LOSS – “We are going to go into the next game with a ‘nothing-to-lose’ mentality.’

ON BEING TAKEN OUT OF THE GAME – “I wasn’t hurt at all. That was [my coaching staff’s] decision, and I came back in after.”

ON THE REASONING FOR SWITCHING QB’S – “It was probably because I wasn’t completing very many passes.”

ON HOW TOUGH THIS LOSS IS – “It was disappointing. This whole season has been filled with a bunch of games that we could have won. It’s something that we will need to change, and we know that. It’s not one person or one side of the ball or one collective group of people – it’s the whole team. We need to change our mentality about stuff. The way we practice. We need to change a lot of things to be successful next year.”

ON THE WINDY WEATHER – “It played a little bit of a role, but [Colorado] was playing in it, too. It really shouldn’t affect us as much as it probably did. It probably pushed my ball out of bounds a couple of times, but at the same time, I need to keep that ball in-bounds.”

ON BIGELOW’S RUNNING GAME – “It was encouraging to see. He has had a little bit of a down year, so for him to come out with that player’s mentality at the end was good to see.”


LB Jalen Jefferson

ON THE PASSING GAME DIFFICULTIES ON DEFENSE – “It was definitely a struggle. We were in the right position, we just couldn’t tackle. There were short intermediate passes [by Colorado], and every time we ran to the ball, we couldn’t take them down. That was when they started busting us with the long runs.”

ON TACKLING TROUBLES – “I’m not sure [why it hasn’t been fixed yet]. I think that we just think too much out there and focus too much on the plays instead of just worrying about tackling. I think that’s what it is. I think we are thinking too much and not playing to our potential.”

ON PRE-GAME EXPECTATIONS – “It hurts really badly [to lose], especially with the final score. We worked really hard this week. During the first half, we had them contained, but in the second half, [Colorado] just wanted it more than we did.”

ON WHAT CAUSED THE LOSS – “Effort. There were guys out there who weren’t giving their full effort, and it definitely showed.”

ON MAKING WHOLE-PROGRAM CHANGES – “That definitely has to be one of our main things next year. We have to get leaders to step up. That includes me; I’m a silent leader out there, and I need to be more vocal. That’s going to be one of the things that we emphasize next season.”

ON COACH’S POST-GAME COMMENTS – “He said, ‘Sorry about the loss.’ I told him, ‘You have nothing to be sorry about. This is all on us. We are out there playing, you’re just coaching, and we have to get the job done out there.’”


QB Zach Kline

ON THOUGHTS UPON ENTERING THE GAME – “I came in seeing if we could win the game, and that’s the back-up’s job. We fought hard, and we gave it our best. Coach just wanted to try something new after a couple of my series. I do what the coach says; I go in and do my best. I wish I could have stayed in there longer, but [Jared] fought hard. The whole team fought hard. We have to try to make a dollar out of a nickel sometimes and fight hard.”

ON THE PASS TO RICHARD RODGERS– “I just thought, ‘Throw it as hard as you can.’ He never drops the ball, so I just trusted him. Especially with the wind, you have to go to your guys who are going to come down with the ball. I saw him on the move, so I just decided to toss it up to him.”

ON THROWING IN THE WIND– “We had to throw the ball a lot harder than we thought, because you have to cut through [the wind]. It was pretty cold, but the weather in Oregon was colder and wetter. When comparing this weather to Oregon’s, Oregon’s was definitely worse. I have a history of coming into some bad weather and trying to win.”

ON BEING REMOVED FROM THE GAME – “Obviously, as a guy who wants to be starter – which is every back-up’s goal – being pulled out of the game is pretty disappointing. You just have to trust what the coach is doing even if you might disagree. I was disappointed, but I trust Coach Dykes, and I trust Coach Franklin, so I wasn’t going to let any frustration be shown to my teammates. That is a time when you have to pull together as a team and fight to win.”

ON LOSING TO COLORADO – “It was really tough. We go into every game thinking, ‘We are going to beat these guys.’ We prepare all week long, and every week is just one of those times when you have to change that record. Especially with Colorado, we wanted this win, especially before Stanford. We wanted to get some confidence going into the Big Game. I think this also puts some logs onto the fire going into that Big Game, because now it’s just even more [of an incentive] to finish the season on a high note.”

RB Brendan Bigelow

ON HIS PERFORMANCE – “Having patience, just reading my blocks. I couldn’t have done it without my line, they really pushed forward helping me. I owe it to those guys.”

ON CONTRIBUTING TO THE TEAM, LOOKING TO FUTURE – “It’s great; you know I’ve struggled during the season. I’ve been constant in every week just trying to get better at the things we can get better at. It’s great that I’m finally able to click and contribute to the team and help us win the game.”


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