Sonny Dykes Postgame Quotes

Comments from Cal's head coach after the Oregon game.
By Cal Athletics on Sun, September 29, 2013

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On the slow start to the game and the turnovers in the first quarter
It’s been a little problematic for us, the last several weeks getting off to a bad start again. Tonight was no different. On the second play of the game, they put the ball on the ground. We’ve got three guys right there, and they come up with the fumble recovery. They put it on the ground two plays later and recover the fumble again. We put it on the ground and lost all four. They put it on the ground six times and lose two of them. That kind of tells them a little bit about what happened tonight.

On playing in the rainy, winding conditions tonight
In Louisiana we played in a hurricane one time. It was a bit rougher than that (tonight). That was a little like this game. It was kind of a battle of attrition in a lot of ways. You’ve got to give Oregon credit. They’re a good football team and they executed well despite the rain. We had some major struggles with the rain. That’s pretty much how it went down.

On why Dykes changed quarterbacks in the first quarter
Quite frankly, we weren’t worried about his (Jared Goff) confidence. We were just worried about his ability to hold onto the football. The ball kept coming out of his hands and he had a difficult time holding onto it. I didn’t have much confidence that he was going to be able to hold onto it. I made a change with Zach (Kline) and he gave us a little bit of pop when we first put him in there. We dropped balls all night long. Pretty much everything you can do poorly as a football team we did tonight.

On what Dykes can do to get the team on track
We’ve got to get better. It’s like we talked with them in the locker room. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror, and it starts with me. I have to figure out how to get these guys ready to play. We have not played well early in games. We’ve talked about it. We’ve talked to the players. We’ve talked to the coaches. We’ve looked at things. We’ve studies things. We’ve tried every way we can to figure out ways to get off to a good start. We’ve come up with some new ideas and try them this week. That’s the thing we’re going to have to do. We play a very difficult schedule. We’ve got to get our players off to a better start and get them some confidence early in ball games.

On the running game
We’re still just struggling trying to get this run game going. Oregon is touch to run against, but we’ve got to get it going. We don’t have any long runs. We’re not doing a very good job finishing runs. In those one-on-one situations, we’ve got to be able to make some big plays. We’ll go back and figure out what we can do better and keep working. We have to play better. That’s just where it is. We haven’t played well and we certainly haven’t done it for any extended period of time. We’ve got a lot of things we’ve got to get better at.


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