LIVE BLOG: Cal vs No. 18 Delaware (11am PT)

LIVE BLOG: Cal vs No. 18 Delaware (11am PT)
By Cal Athletics on Mon, September 01, 2014

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California (1-0) takes on No. 18 Delaware (1-1) this morning at 11am at Varsity Turf. The teams enter the all-time series tied 2-2. Follow this blog for live updates of the game.

10:05am - The field is now being watered as the teams prepare to begin their warmups. Game begins in one hour! 

10:39am - Starting lineups are in! Your Golden Bear starters are: GK (Hendrickson), D (Goni, Gutierrez, Swensen, Gibbens), M (A. Earle, Marrazzo, Seibt), F (S. Earle, Henriksson, Wallstedt)

10:40am - Starting for the Blue Hens are: Oltmans (GK), Lister, Peet, Pepper, Scheffers, Coveleski, Patzner, Zarkoski, Winesett, Holms and A. Mikelson.

10:57am - The national anthem is over and we are ready to begin play. The Bears are wearing blue and yellow while Delaware will play in white and blue for today's game.

11:00am - And we're off! Go Bears!

11:04am - Nicole Wallstedt with a nice dive in front of the goal that almost gave the Bears an opening goal.

11:09am - Penalty corner awarded to the Bears. Monica Marrazzo takes it takes it, and Andrea Earle's shot goes wide.

11:10am - Lara Kruggel makes her first appearance of teh season, subbing in for Sydney Earle.

11:12am - Penalty corner awarded to Delaware. Scheffers takes it and Patzner's shot is saved by Hendrickson. On the follow-up, Scheffers gets a shot from point-blank range and Hendrickson saves it as well!

11:14am - Delaware with another penalty corner, but the shot is again saved by Hendrickson who now has four saves in the game.

11:17am - Another Delaware penalty corner results in a goal scored byEsmee Peet. Delaware leads 1-0

11:23am - Penalty corner awarded to Cal. Seibt takes it and Lara Kruggel scores her first goal of the season! We are tied 1-1

11:26am - The Blue Hens almost immediately get a penalty corner and are able to get two shots off. The first is saved by Hendrickson and the third is a defensive save by Michaela Swensen.

11:31am - Penalty corner for the Bears sees an attempt by Goni that Wallstedt nearly taps in from the corner.

11:34am - One minute remaining in the half and Delaware gets a penalty corner. The shot by Patzner is saved by Hendrickson.

11:36am - HALFTIME! The teams head into the break tied at 1-1 with goals by Esmee Peet (16:48) and Lara Kruggel (23:34) - both off of penalty corners.

 11:38am - Halftime Stats: Shots (Delaware 12-4), Saves (Cal 9-1), Penalty Corners (Delaware 7-3). Hendrickson's 8 saves are nearly half of her career-high and program-record 18 saves. Michaela Swensen - who led the Bears with 7 defensive saves last season - had her first defensive save of the year.

11:47am - The second half has begun!

11:48am - Penalty corner awarded to the Golden Bears! Seibt takes it and after a re-direct, Andrea Earle scores her first of the season! Bears lead 2-1

11:54am - The Bears earn another penalty corner while Delaware's Peet is given a green card.

11:58am - Delaware earns two consecutive penalty corners. The first is saved by Hendrickson, adn the second is also saved. 

12:03pm - Timeout - Delaware

12:06pm - And we are back on the field. Just 18:56 remains in the second half with Cal leading 2-1

12:09pm - Delaware nearly scores on a penalty corner. The ball goes just wide of the net in what the Blue Hens originally thought went in for the score. Cal still leads 2-1

12:15pm - Ten minutes remain as the Bears lead 2-1

12:17pm - Delaware gets a penalty corner with Schefferse taking it. Patzner takes the shot and scores to tie the game, 2-2. California takes a timeout at the restart.

12:20pm - And we're back on the field. 8:29 remains in regulation with the game tied 2-2. All goals have been scored off of penalty corners.

12:27pm - Penalty corner awarded to Delaware with 1 minute remaining. Nothing comes of it.

12:29pm - Time is up but the Blue Hens will have another penalty corner

12:30pm - And we are headed to overtime again! The Bears and Blue Hens are tied 2-2 at the end of regulation.

12:35pm - And we're underway. In for Cal are Kruggel, A. Earle, Seibt, Swensen, Gibbens, Goni and Hendrickson.

12:37pm - Delaware strikes and scores to end the game. The Blue Hens take a 3-2 overtime victory over the Bears. 


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