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Mondays With Miles - Back To Their Old Selves

Ginger discusses how the team has improved in recent weeks
By Cal Athletics on Wed, April 16, 2014

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Sometimes victories don’t show up on the scoreboard. A weird thing to say as a coach, I know. Saturday’s game against Michigan was that type of game. Despite the disappointing loss, I was still proud of our effort. I’m proud of the way we supported each other. I’m proud of our battling all the way to the very end. I’m proud of our ability to look adversity in the face and keep swinging.

Before the game, we spoke about playing with pride and we came out and did just that. We played a full game and more with concentrated effort and passion. We didn’t have big lapses in play and were able to respond when the game called for it.

As the losses have accumulated it’s been hard to remember the type of team we set out to be back in January. This weekend we found a way to finally be that team again. It wasn’t perfect, and we’re still improving, but finally we saw the heart and character it takes to be competitive. We showed what it takes to win. With four games left, the challenge is to repeat that level of effort despite the outcomes.

Like seeing a long lost friend, it’s good to have our team back again. On to the next one! Go bears!


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