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Ris & Reid - Family and Food

Ris & Reid discuss last week's East Coast road trip
By Cal Athletics on Tue, April 01, 2014

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Losing is tough, and it is sometimes hard to keep your head up and see the bright side of things when you’re in a rut like we are now. But what is so special about our team this year, and why we know this won’t last much longer is how close we are with each other on and off the field, and the amazing support system we have from our parents and fans across the country. Although our spring break trip didn’t go exactly as planned, there were bright spots that kept our spirits up.

We started off our trip in Philadelphia, playing our first game against LaSalle. Despite the box score, we can all safely say that the Beck and DeVincent crowd helped us win the competition for most numerous and supportive fans out there! After the game, we celebrated the first of three birthdays during our spring break. Our postgame tailgate was filled with all of Michele’s favorite foods. We had cupcakes filled with 20 candles, chips and dip, fresh fruit, salad and of course, original Philly Cheesesteaks. The room was full of warmth and smiles as the support of our friends and families kept us positive after our tough loss. Although that game did not go as we wished, our loving fans were still there to help cheer us up.

In between our games in the great state of Pennsylvania, we got the opportunity to go on a highly-coveted tour of Philadelphia lead by our own Philly natives, Nicole Beck and Michele Devincent. With microphone in hand at the front of our bus, Michelle pointed out significant streets and informed us on old Philly superstitions about the William Penn building. Nicole’s knowledge of the city was clearly expert level, however we mostly enjoyed hearing about her horrifying Philly experience of when she got separated from her mother, the legendary Jackie Reynolds Beck. After our tours, we continued with our microphone fun as we used it to tell interesting or embarrassing stories. Paige shared a story from freshmen year about Chippy’s(Amelia Burke) journey to proving herself as a responsible frosh. After Courtney Gielow’s story, we concluded that flight marshals are very real and finally, Brittany Ward told us about her amazing high school driving skills. Overall, our bus rides kept us thoroughly entertained.

Once in Connecticut, we reunited with one of our favorite East Coast towns. The wonderful town of Darien welcomed us for the second year in a row. This time we visited the humble abode of lil Jena Fritts. Our parents were obviously worried that we hadn’t been eating enough throughout the trip as they brought enough food to feed our team for the next few days. But hey, we weren’t complaining. Bears never turn down mass amounts of desert. Although we left with food comas, the night was probably the highlight of our trip.

I guess you could say from this trip we learned two things that make us very happy – family and food. Obviously winning would have made it that much better, but it is so touching and special to see how supportive our family and fans are even when we’re not playing at our best. This is our shout out and thank you to you fans – from coast to coast – for always being there for us and showing us the brighter side of things!

This weekend we are excited to see even more family, fans and especially alumni as we head into our games against Oregon on Thursday and Senior Day against USC on Sunday! Hope to see you all there… Go Bears!!


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