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Mondays With Miles - All Of Us Against them

Miles discusses how the Bears have already learned numerous lessons this season.
By Cal Athletics on Mon, March 17, 2014

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We are evolving every day as a team. As a coach, it’s rewarding and encouraging to see the light bulbs turn on as our players become more and more comfortable with this year’s team dynamic. I’ve written about it before but new players, new roles, lots of change. Change is always a challenge. If we weren’t as close, I’d be worried about this team fracturing under the weight of losing but, instead, we’ve managed to pull together, support each other and help each other get better every day.

I don’t think we expected to be 2-2 at this point in the season, but I don’t have any doubts that we are better for those two losses. We’ve learned in both games that we have to play with energy, passion and sometimes urgency throughout the 60 minutes. We’ve learned that strong starts don’t mean a thing if it’s not coupled with a strong finish. We’ve learned that mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness. We’ve learned that we are capable of comebacks when we play with passion as well as collapses when we do not. More fundamentally, we’ve been reminded how much losing stinks and how sweet winning really is.

We plan on a lot more winning this season and with a nice bounce-back win over Siena last Wednesday, we’re ready to keep the ball rolling. With No. 18 Towson coming to town this week, we will see how mentally tough the Bears can be. In a game that is sure to have both highs and lows, we will have to manage our lows and find ways to replicate the highs. It’s no secret that Towson is one of our tougher games on the schedule this year. How will the Bears respond? Will it be a collective response? As I always say- it’s all of us against all of them. It will take the determination of all of us. Are we up to the challenge?

Ultimately, consistency is the goal. We know what we’re capable of. Can we show it every game, against every opponent, regardless of the score? With 12 games left, there’s plenty of time to show that we can, and I know we won’t take anything for granted. We’re working hard so that Thursday is the fun part. Stay tuned. Go Bears!


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