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Cal-Colorado Postgame Quotes

Cal-Colorado Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Sat, March 08, 2014

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

"Really, for a lot of teams in our league it's about how much fight you have. For us being able to do that, I fellt really good. The guys were on the same page. That made all the difference in the world. We made some bad plays and missed some shots. I just told them going in - team, team, team. Not everybody was perfect but they did a pretty good job."
On Justin Cobbs
"He played a lot of minutes, 45 to be exact. We had a little offensive/defensive situation going on. Richard [Solomon] made some plays. Justin was a warrior. He was 5-of-17. He gets to the basket and he's going to make his foul shots. He dished it a little bit. We had offense defense substitutions a little bit. Who's going to shoot it type thing. It was back and forth with that."
"The truth of the matter is that there have been times when anybody who can make a shot would give us a lift. It seems to fall on Justin's shoulders. ForJabari  Bird to go in and hit a three was huge.... Just seven points is something. it puts such a premium on our defense." 
On Tyrone Wallace
"I think with Tyrone it's a little bit of a confidence deal. We had that issue early. We did get 14 and 12 from both posts so that's nice. Shot selection and practice and all that stuff."
On the Pac-12 Tournement
"It's going to give us a little more confidence going in and a little feel good. We still have 19 wins and we're still fourth in the league. Are we a top 10 team, probably not. But this is where we are."


California Players

Richard Solomon, Senior Forward

On the game

“We just came together as a team, we got some time to ourselves and we got together as a team and had a little discussion and that really helped. It’s like coach said, even if we lost this game; it was a whole different team out there. We were all just playing together, playing collectively, and unselfish and that’s what got it done tonight.”

On the upcoming games

“I’m just focused on the next game. You know I take this thing one game at a time; you can’t look too forward to even the NCAAs or the Championships for the Pac-12. That’s why we have to take it one game at a time and just focus on that and worry about getting a ‘W’ as they come.”

“I felt like if we played the way we played today, it’s pretty good. As long as we’re playing hard, playing defense, and everybody is contributing, yeah I do think we’ll do well.”

Justin Cobbs, Senior Guard

On the game

“It’s a sigh of relief. We’ve been through so much ups and downs, losing games we should have won and things just not clicking and to finally come out with a win, it gives us some confidence going into the Pac-12 Tournament. We’re excited.”

On the team energy

“We collectively just went out and we went to do a little fun activity together as a team with the coaches and a meeting with players only to talk about what we need to do to be successful and everybody talked about how they felt. It was a positive meeting and I think that meeting turned this around. Just watch us play, everybody was so positive, everybody was picking each other up, nobody dropped their heads. We stayed together as a team, and that’s what got us this win today…We went laser tagging and it was fun. Coach Montgomery was out there doing his thing.”

“Like I said, it’s about the team. It’s not about offense, it’s not about missing shots, and it’s not a factor anymore. That’s not what we want our identity to be like when shots go down, we don’t play hard or we don’t defend. I think we did a great job staying together, picking each other up, moving our defense, staying active, and doing all the little things. And I think that’s what really helped us get this win today. It just goes back to us getting a reality check and going back to thinking what can we do to make this team better and I think that we did a great job getting that extra pass, boxing out, and also just encouraging of each other.”


Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

On The Game

“There are very few losses throughout the year where you can tell your guys that you are proud of them, and you can live with the result because of the effort you made and everything that went into the game. Tonight was one of those situations. I am proud of our guys for the effort, and we almost beat a good Cal team here on the road. They are a good team. Justin Cobbs is a heck of a player, and we just came up a little bit short. There were a couple of rebounds that we could’ve secured there at the end, and that would’ve put us in control. We got a nice look at the wing there. Sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way, but our guys battled and I am proud of them. We have to move forward because nobody is going to feel sorry for us. This was a hard-fought loss.”

On the last play of regulation

“What we were trying to do was get Kreklow. We had a mismatch and Xavier Johnson was the guy we wanted to get the ball to. We came out of it and Kreklow was guarding Wesley, and we didn’t communicate well at the end there to execute that. We never got a shot, so that was disappointing, but it was as much my fault as it was theirs. That is what the intent was and it didn’t happen, but we got into overtime and we had a chance to win the game. We got a good look there at the end; it just didn’t go down. Our guys, they really tried. We had a couple of opportunities to get the ball inside that we missed. We lost to a good team. Cal beat a good team.”


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