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Roll on With Ris & Reid - Happy Valentine's Day

Ris and Reid discuss how Valentine's Day doesn't have to just be for couples.
By Cal Athletics on Fri, February 14, 2014

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People sometimes interpret Valentine’s Day as being a celebration for couples. However, Valentine's Day isn’t meant to exclude people or leave you feeling unloved. On the contrary, Valentine's Day celebrates all types of love. There is love for your significant other, love for your best friends, love for your family, love for the people you look up to, love for your teammates and,  luckily for all of us, love for our Cal Family.

For each of these different loves, we can show and express it in different ways. For the lover there is the box of chocolates and rose pedals leading up to a fancy dinner - don’t we all wish we could have that. For your best friends there is the time spent watching endless sappy love movies with your dates – bowls of ice cream. For your family there is a care package waiting at your doorstep as a simple reminder of home. For the people you look up to, an explicit expression of love might not be necessary, but rather being thankful and having respect for them is enough. For your teammates, a Valentine’s Day text filled with emojis or a funny picture will be just the right thing to brighten their day and make them feel loved. 

This past week has been difficult for the Cal family. We lost a fellow friend, brother, student-athlete. More important than all of that, Ted Agu was a man who taught us to work hard and be the best we can be. Ted taught us to be happy and appreciate everything life has to offer. Ted loved life with all his heart and taught us to do the same. The candles lit around Memorial Stadium celebrate his life and remind us of his love. His memory will live on in our hearts.

Today we need to take the time to remind others of our love, but we also have to remember that we too are loved ourselves. Right now there are multiple people in the world that love you in some way. Some of them love you so much that they would do anything for you. There is at least one person out there that loves you that you don’t even know exists. Don’t forget the love that is around you and the power you have to make others happy. Your smile can bring happiness to even a stranger. From Cal Lax to you, we send lots of smiles and love. xoxox


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