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Cal-Arizona Postgame Quotes

Cal-Arizona Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 01, 2014

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery 

On the ending and game

“It was pretty exciting. As long as I’ve been doing this, number one, it brings out everybody. Everybody was there. It was a great crowd. During the introductions and stuff I looked up and thought, this is how it’s supposed to be. I guess if we got good enough it would be that way all the time. It was a really good crowd and everybody is excited. Arizona has had a lot of games like that. The interesting thing is that it’s the difference between us making the last shot and them not making the last shot from Wednesday to Saturday is night and day. It’s about performance. It’s about guys having to make plays. I was sorry to see Ashley go down. He’s a hometown kid…. Jefferson is a great player. They had 11 offensive rebounds in the first half which was something we were fearful of. But only three in the second so we did a better job on that. We had some adjustment issues along the way but the guys by and large followed the game plan. That score was about where why’ve been pretty consistently.”

On defending Nick Johnson and Arizona

“There was not a lot of places for Nick Johnson to go. He’s very good getting to the basket and he’s a spectacular athlete. We tried to take away driving lanes as best we could with the way we played defense and I thought we accomplished that. We didn’t give up much off the break in transition which was something that was important to us. They had 14 second chance points but on 14 offensive rebounds it’s not too bad. Only four fast break points so in transition we were good. I’m really pleased to see that. Statistically, we did what we wanted to.”

On what the game means

“It’s a good group of kids that prepared themselves well. It’s good for Cal. It’s good for the University and the students and the people that come out and have that kind of excitement. One of the things that you’re trying to generate is them enjoying the game, enjoying the players, enjoying the experience. There was some of that tonight. That’s a credit to Arizona for being there. You typically get that when the number one team shows up. You can’t beat number one if somebody doesn’t get there. I’m happy for our kids and I’m happy for our campus.”

On using this game as motivation for how hard to play

“I wish it would seem logical that there would be some of that carry over. I just harped on them to prepare themselves. The natural thing that kids do is they tend to make a value judgment about people whether it’s right or wrong. For me, my biggest fear is that anybody can beat you and if you don’t prepare that’s what’s going to happen. It’s a lot easier for kids to get excited when a team like Arizona comes in. So the kids were excited and the the crowd kept them excited. That’s the thing you just have naturally with young kids. They have a hard time sustaining that. We’ve got to work on that. I hope we can build on this win.”

On Justin Cobbs’ offense

“I think the matchup was good for him. The way there were playing David [Kravish] and Richard [Solomon]; they were doubling down and causing some problems. I thought David had a couple good looks that didn’t go in. That would have been comparable to the same thing but we did a good job on the glass. Justin was feeling good offensively. He really got off his feet on the last shot and rose up. It was a little bit like Oregon. It looked good the whole time.”


California Players

Justin Cobbs, Senior Guard

On the final play

“We talked about it…if we got a stop no timeout, just run it straight into a pick-and-roll and see if we could get to the basket, but [Kaleb] Tarczewski did a good job and I couldn’t get there so I just stepped back and shot a good shot and it was able to go in for me.”

On how it felt making the game-winning shot

“Great, it felt good…coming off my hands it felt good. I mean it’s a shot I shoot every day, just a normal stepback and the time and circumstance happened to be when we really needed it. So like I said, I’m just happy it went down for me.”

On what the win means for the team

“It means a lot. I mean at the end of the day, I know they’re the No. 1 team in the country and they’re undefeated but it’s another Pac-12 win. You see a lot of teams struggling, teams are just beating up on each other. This is a great conference. We understand how important this win is with them being undefeated, but at the end of the day it’s just another win for us and we’re just gonna keep moving forward and get ready for Wednesday.”

On the fans rushing the court

“Honestly, I was getting claustrophobic, I couldn’t breathe…but it was exciting for them to do that and come out and show the support. When that crowd is packed like that we get so much energy, we feed off those guys, so I want to thank the fans for coming out. But it was a great feeling.”


Richard Solomon, Senior Forward

On how he felt coming into the game

“I knew that we were a capable team…I knew we had a good chance to beat them. I had a good feeling waking up this morning. I texted Justin last night ‘let’s get it done!’ everybody was on the same page in shoot-around, even warming up for the game everybody was different. We had a different mindset, the mindset that we needed the past three games, but it clicked today for some reason. We played good across the board.”

On his attitude in the first half

“I just wanted to go out play hard and play with the mindset I can’t be stopped…and that’s what happened.”

On the fans rushing the court

“I was able to breathe a little bit more, but it’s a lot of energy…it’s good just getting that much love from the students, it was a great experience. We had it last year when we beat Oregon and it was that much better this year because they were No. 1. I love the fans and when the fans rush the court it makes them feel like they’re a part of what just happened, and they are…so I enjoyed it.”

On Justin’s game-winning shot

“I looked at it, I was watching it go in and I thought it was going to be a little short and I was just trying to be in a position to tip it in…but it kept going and I watched it go through the net and I thought wow that was pretty”


Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

On the game

“The point that I made to the team is, we probably have been in ten games that at the four minute marker of the game is representative of how tonight was… ten times. All players, whether it be great defensive play, big shot, great togetherness, hard play, we always found a way to be on the positive end of it. Tonight in that same moment we didn’t make the shots and we didn’t get the big stop and I credit Cal, who did a really good job and played a great game and we lost a hard fought game. You know if you look at it, the ten turnovers weren’t great, uncharacteristically Nick had five of the 10. We rebounded them forty-one to thirty-two, including 14 second shots, Aaron had six of them himself. From a defensive prospective, even though Cal shot forty-four percent, if you look at our defensive game we had enough defense to win. We just shot thirty-two percent for the game, including two for eleven. I told Nick, you can’t be great forty times in a row and tonight was not his night, one for fourteen, o for five, five turnovers but as you know, a big part of us being twenty-one and one is how well he has played. Tonight wasn’t his night, we needed a couple of guys to maybe step up but our offense struggled and we lost a hard fought battle to Cal. The bigger story for us is that we might have lost Brandon Ashley for the year, which is obviously very disappointing. That is the other thing that I don’t feel so good about tonight, is that he got hurt in the game and there are a lot of things we’re going to do differently knowing that he is not a part of the equation. Obviously if you get hurt in the game you don’t necessarily have time to adapt and reinvent, you have to do it on the fly. I thought our guys went in there and played with great effort and we came up short. We are twenty-one and one, we are eight and one at the break of the Pac-12, losing Brandon is certainly a blow to us but we have to come back together and finish strong.”


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