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Cal-Washington Postgame Quotes

Cal-Washington Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Wed, January 15, 2014

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game and the defense

“I think that the kids really understood the game plan. Defensively, they did a really good job. Justin [Cobbs] was really good on Wilcox. Wilcox ended up with 18, but a lot of that stuff was late. He did a terrific job. I think our big guys are causing some people problems inside. They beat us at point of attack but both Richard [Solomon] and David [Kravish] are in there. David had four blocks. Defensively, we were good. We started the game and we were nervous. We haven’t played at home in a month. For the freshmen, they really don’t have any recollection of what a conference game is going to be like at home, with better competition, perhaps. We missed some really easy shots early. Once we got going a little bit, Jeff hit a couple. Defensively, we were pretty consistent. The second thing we did really well was we also had a 15-1 assist-to-turnover in the second half. It was really good. The ball was moving. We knew they had matchup problems at the post inside. We probably got a little bit sticky trying to look too hard at the post. We didn’t disguise it very well. Everyone in the gym knew where we were going to go with it rather than just letting it come to us naturally. At the end of the day we ended up with double-doubles for both David and Richard, so that’s always good. Once we got rolling it was tough for Washington. Tyrone [Wallace] did a really nice job on Goss. They asked for those assignments. Tyrone had played AAU basketball with Goss so he knew him and Justin wanted to guard Wilcox. Blackwell would be the other thing that they tried to go to inside and he only ended up with 1 point and went 0-5.”

On the confidence level of the team with the strong defense

“I think we’ve had some difficulties when the ball is not going down sometimes, or not being passed, and we don’t defend as well. Tonight we made our minds up. Hopefully we’re getting the notion that if we defend well it’s going to make a difference and allow us to get out on the break. We’ve got to get out on the break. That’s something we need to be aware of. We’ve got to get out and run the break. We can’t do that if we don’t defend. Then guys are going to get easy shots and then guys are going to defend and get loosened up. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I thought Jabari [Bird] did a nice job of letting the game come to him with five assists rather than trying to force it. He’s trying to feel his way around a little bit right now. He’ll get better with more practice time and as he gets used to that ankle. Christian Behrens is doing a nice job. He’s coming along nicely.”

On Christian Behrens

“He’s had two ACL surgeries. You’d be cautious too, coming back off the second one. He’s a little bit leery. He’s starting to get acclimated to it. He’s getting stronger with it and he’s moving around better. He’s not afraid of it as much. He’s getting in better shape. We’ve told him all along that you have to play hard. He’s doing that. He’s playing hard and he’s trying to take charges and all that kind of stuff.”

On getting everyone playing time

“It’s nice. By the time we wanted to get to Kameron [Rooks] there wasn’t a matchup for him because they weren’t playing with a center. That made it a little tough for him. He got caught in some tough situations. He went in and they came with the lob right away. It’s good for everybody. Tyrone had 34 minutes but everyone else was in the 20’s so that’s always good if you can.”

Cal Players

Richard Solomon, Sr. F

On Justin Cobbs’ shot that he banked in

“Yeah, that was a great play by Justin. I was set up right under the basket so I saw it go in, and I was waiting for it to come off the glass and tipped it in and caught the foul. [Did he call bank?] I called bank for him if he didn’t call it himself. Justin is a really good shooter, if you give him space he is going to knock it down and you can’t foul him because we all know what happens when you do that.”

On the game plan

“Well we are just playing hard, we are playing hard on the defensive end, we are trying to move the ball around on offense. We are just trying to come out and be the best that we can be. We know that there is a high ceiling, and we had a couple losses early in the year but we are just trying to come out every game and be the team that we know we are capable of becoming.”

“We aren’t overlooking anyone. We are going to come out with intensity. We aren’t overlooking anyone because anyone can beat anyone in this league and we understand that. We know that we have to bring it every night. I think everyone is on the same page about that."

David Kravish, Jr. F

On the game

“We out-rebounded them by eleven, and they have some big guys out there. They are a group of pretty athletic guys and we just had the edge today.”

On the high ceiling

“There is always room for improvement. We want to get back on defense quicker. They tried to beat us in transition and that stretch in the first half where we kind of let the offense start to get a run there. I think that that is just something that you have to work out, otherwise I think it was a great game for us. Everyone played and everyone got to get in there and that helps everyone out.”


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