Post-Game Quotes: California v Pacific

By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 07, 2013

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California Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

Opening Statement

I am really proud of our players for fighting to get back in that game and grinding out a tough win.  Pacific is a very good basketball team. Lynne [Roberts] is a very good coach.  Obviously Kendall Kenyon is a very versatile player, which her stats show, and Kiki Moore, we know how good she is.  It was a battle today, and we obviously struggled a little bit, or a lot, on the offensive end. I was really impressed with our resolve and ability to win this game when we could have rolled over and didn’t, and that’s something that you want to find out about a young team.  I am particularly proud of Reshanda [Gray] and Brittany [Boyd] who were leading in a lot of ways, certainly in the stat categories but also in other categories like toughness and being All-Americans on and off of the court. We will take the win and try to get better for next week.

On the physical condition of the players

I think that everyone is okay, there will be a lot of ice baths and icing going on. Hind [Ben Abdelkader] tweaked her ankle, and I think she’s okay.  It was a very physical game. I think that we’ll need a couple of days off, but we’ll be able to get back to work after that.

On Pacific’s Kendall Kanyon

She really fast. I think that’s what separates her.  They run a really great system which feeds off of the dribble drive actions. I think that she just gets a lot in transition, and she has continued to get better every year. I think that they are going to have a great season.


On the overtime pep talk

I felt that we had fought our way into overtime.  I didn’t talk about this with them, but I thought that Boyd made a spectacular pass on the last transition play.  I said to score in transition if we have the option to and she found Gray over the top and [Gray] missed the first one, but then got the rebound and that’s when she got fouled.  So you felt like you climbed your way into overtime.  So I said to them in the huddle that you don’t come back and fight your way into overtime and not win the game.  Then I just think our kids are mentally tough.  I know that that’s something that I don’t take for granted. Once we were in the overtime, I had a better feeling, like they were going to have to take it from us.  I think that our players really stepped up, and it felt better on the defensive end and we had more control.

On playing Justine Hartman more in the second half in place of Courtney Range

To be honest, it was to match up to them.  Heard [Marjorie], number 40, while I don’t think that she had great numbers, she was a factor.  She is a bigger, more solid kid, and once Gray was in foul trouble, it was tough to put Reshanda on her because they were going to go right at her.  So obviously, defensively, Hartman is more of a presence down there.  Also, it’s the luxury of having multiple kids who can play; you can go with different looks.  Offensively they may give more looks to Gray if Hartman is posting up as well, so obviously we feel confident with different rotations.  At the end there when they subbed out Heard we were able to go with four guards and we brought [Mercedes] Jefflo back in. I’m still working on some of the combinations., but we feel like Hartman is a legitimate substitution off of the bench who could be a starter.  So all in all, it was more of a match up thing.


California Junior Guard Brittany Boyd

On the mindset towards the end of the game

My mindset was to just get the win.  It was a close game. I missed some free throws, but the coaches and the team picked me back up and got me focused again and stopped me from worrying about the free throws.  The main goal was to just get the win, get a stop, get a rebound, don’t do anything stupid, not to foul, and to be calm and collected and just get the win.

On Afure Jemerigbe

I told Afure [Jemerigbe] to keep on shooting, attack the basket - that’s your game.  I’m going to keep on giving her the ball even if she is in a shooting slump because I know that at the end of the day she’s going to give a big play for the team.  She is one of our go-to players, and even if she’s missed 100 shots, I believe that she’s going to make number 101.

California Junior Forward Reshanda Gray

On the physicality of the game

I’m used to it.  I’ve seen a lot of people double and triple team me.  I’ve worked on it in practice, and I tell Coach Katy [Steding] to use the pads with me. I ask our practice guys not to go easy on me just because I’m a girl because nobody is going to go easy on me in the game. You just prepare yourself and wear extra padding.

On her play

If they shut me down, I have four other teammates who are capable of scoring.  They definitely found other ways and once they did that, the floor opened back up again.


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