Adrienne Gehan discusses the Bears' big wins last week.

Diggin' It With Adrienne Gehan

Bears Head To Oregon After Sweep Of Mountain Schools
By Cal Athletics on Wed, November 13, 2013

Hey Cal Fans! This past weekend we traveled to the mountain schools for two exciting wins against Colorado and Utah. We played Utah on Thursday night and won in three very exciting sets. In the first game, we were behind 24-19 and managed to come back and win. If that wasn’t enough, in the third game we were once again behind at 24-20 and were able to pull of a three set sweep! Even though Utah had fourteen set points over the course of the match, the team was able to win each one through calm play and hard work. Personally, I was super proud of the way the team was able to stay composed for each point throughout the match, allowing us to play a high level of volleyball for.

As if the Utah match wasn’t exciting enough, we played another close game with Colorado two nights later. After gaining a large lead in the first set, Colorado was able to come back and win by two points. The third and fourth sets were also extremely close but the team was able to squeak out a few crucial points, leading to a four-set victory for the Bears! It was great to be able to prove to ourselves that we are able to come out on top of very close and competitive games. Both matches boosted the team’s confidence and gave us some very valuable experience in close sets.

This week we play Oregon and Oregon State. We have already arrived at the hotel in Eugene and have spent the evening eating Olive Garden and sharing the fireplace with a few of the Stanford players. Hopefully we are able to return to Berkeley on Saturday with two more wins! Go Bears!


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