Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 19, 2013

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California Head Coach Sonny Dykes

General comments:

“Not a good night tonight. We didn’t play well, didn’t coach well. I’d like to be able to say something happened other than what did. You saw what happened, I don’t need to say much about it.”

On switching to QB Zach Kline in the third quarter:

“Same thing we have seen a couple of times this season, the ball just came out of Jared’s (Goff) hand. We felt like we needed to make a switch. We put Zach (Kline) in, and I thought he did some good things. He gave us a spark of energy. Moving forward, we’ll see. I don’t know what the answer is. We’ll need to talk about it. “

On Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks:

“We tried to get our hands on him, rolled coverage to him, jammed him at the line of scrimmage, played a linebacker outside of the box more to his side. We did a lot of things. He made a lot of competitive plays on the football. He is a heck of a football player. That is what good players do, make plays when they have an opportunity to do so. He did it over and over again.”

On Cal RB Jeffrey Coprich and Darren Ervin:

“I thought they both ran hard. I thought they did some good things. We’ve had a hard time running the football, and that continued tonight. We didn’t do a very good job at the line of scrimmage. We didn’t play well up front, and that has been an issue through the entire season. We had a lot of penalties on the offensive line, which we need to fix. Whenever those guys got their hands on the football they preformed pretty well.”

On the team’s attitude:

“We just have to keep working. They will generate their confidence from us as coaches. I’m extremely disappointed, but I’ll get over it and show up tomorrow and roll up my sleeves and keep working. That is where they will generate their attitude, how we handle this. I am disappointed now; I’ll get over it tomorrow and move on.” 

Quarterback Jared Goff

On his rhythm at the start of the game:

“Early on it felt good, and later on in the second quarter it felt kind of good (as well). I just can’t turn the ball over like I did.”

On the frustration level

“It’s very, very high. I’m extremely upset with myself. I need to play better to give us a chance to win.”

Defensive Back Kameron Jackson

On­ Oregon State’s Brandin Cooks:

“Brandin Cooks is a good athlete. I knew we can do better on him. We made errors in the secondary, but we will fix it for our next opponent.”

“We just played our regular defense. The corners we played left and right. We didn’t treat him any differently. That was the gameplan.”

On­ the frustration level:

“We’re going to take it game-by-game. It’s kind of frustrating, but you can’t look at it like that. You have to look at the next opponent, keep going and take it game-by-game.”

On­ the defense:

“We’re progressing step-by-step. We can do better. We can get more three-and-outs and get the offense back on the field more.”

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

On Brandon Cook’s performance:

“I don’t know, but he sure is playing well. That’s the easy, obvious thing to say. He is just very talented, very driven and very savvy. He gets it. That’s because he cares and he’s spent a lot of time with football in his life. This is not an accident. This is acumination of a lot of work and a lot of great chemistry with his quarterback.”

On the defense tonight:

“We’ve seen these two very productive spread teams two weeks in a row. I thought we limited big plays. They’re going to gain some yards, they’re going to make some completions, but I thought we tackled, we ran to the ball and we forced turnovers. I’m really proud of those guys, great coaching by that group and hard, good playing by our defensive team.”

On being bowl-eligible:

“I’m glad to be bowl-eligible, now let’s see which one we can go to. I think its great, absolutely excited about that. Now it’s our job to raise the bar and see what we can do. This team has been fun. We learned a really important lesson early to just stay in the moment and stay in the games because if all the sudden you don’t play well, you lose. I think these kids like to play, they like to prepare and they know you have to play one game at a time. We’re excited about the next step to see what we can do.”

Oregon State Players

Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks

On his success this season:

“I haven’t really thought about that to be honest. We want to keep winning. Whether I have a great game or not, it’s all about the team. It’s about the W.”

On Stanford next week:

“We have to have the best week of practice of our lives. Stanford’s a great team. They lost to Utah and then got that fire back and beat UCLA this weekend. We know we have our hands full coming up this week, but we’re not going to back down from nobody.”

On his apparent injury in the fourth quarter:

I’m good. It was more of the wind gets knocked out of you and you don’t want to get up too fast.”

Quarterback Sean Mannion

On OSU being bowl eligible:

“We’re aware of it, but it’s more of an afterthought. We set our goals much higher than just that. Now we want to just keep working hard and keep improving.”

On improving on tonight’s performance:

“There’s always room for improvement. I think on our first series there was one where I stepped up and missed Brandin high. You always want to be sharper and sharper. The ones that kind of drive me nuts are the ones where I miss a guy. I want to eliminate that.”

On the offensive line’s protection:

“I joke with the linemen but if I only get hit 10-12 days out of the year, I can never complain to them. Their protection has been great all year. Sometimes it’s me holding onto the ball too long.”

On Brandin Cook:

“I can never run out of things to say about him. Aside from his talent, what makes him great is how willing he is to work hard and how great of a teammate and guy he is in the locker room.”

Defensive End Scott Crichton

On the defense’s confidence level:

“We’re very confident. Cal’s a great team, a great offensive team. We held our ground against them, I think 17 points. That’s good for our defense. We’ll just pick up from there.”

On OSU being bowl eligible:

“We’re definitely happy about this win. We’re just going to celebrate it right now and then get back to work. We could care (about the bowl) but there’s one goal for us and that’s the Rose Bowl.”



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