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Mondays With Miles - Just Like a Family

Ginger Miles discusses the life-long memories that collegiate athletics is all about
By Cal Athletics on Mon, October 07, 2013

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Monday has rolled around quickly. Having just returned from a former teammate’s wedding weekend, I am reminded of what makes college athletics so special - teammates. Teammates are more than friends; they’re like family. Like family, you don’t get to choose who they are, but you know unconditionally that they will be there for you just as you would be there for them. You don’t have to be best friends, but your teammates will absolutely see you at your best and worst throughout the four years you play collegiate athletics. You will go through major life events together. You will share special moments together. You will spend countless hours helping make each other better. They will know you better than you know yourself sometimes. When you’re around them, there’s never a need for pretensions or to be anything than just who you are. Like family, they are a familiar, comforting context that should allow you to be your best- without judgment, without fear and without the need to do anything but work hard at being the best lacrosse player you can be.

Surrounded by former teammates, I couldn’t help but remember the times that we pulled each other up hills and pushed each other through grueling runs (as a former goalie I was admittedly on the receiving end of a lot of the pushing and pulling). We laugh now at those times knowing that we probably wouldn’t have gotten through it all without each other.

I don’t get to talk to them all every day but wedding season has brought them all back into my life. When we reminisce about college we almost never bring up championships or come-from-behind victories. As great as those were, we mostly laugh at the moments that had nothing to do with lacrosse. Those are my greatest memories.

My hope is that we are creating that same environment here at Cal - a place where your team is like your second family. Hopefully one day my players will be in each other’s weddings. My hope is that they will look back fondly and proudly at what they were able to accomplish here and appreciate most of all the bonds they were able to build with each other despite how different they are, where they grew up or what their interests are. My hope is that no matter how far they may end up being from one another, they will always be connected in their hearts by having been Golden Bears. Looking forward to another great week of building something special. Go Bears!


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