Cal-Ohio State Postgame Quotes

Coaches and players comment on Golden Bear-Buckeye game.
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 14, 2013

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On Cal's slow start to the game:
"We have started so poorly for three weeks. It is something as a coaching staff that we have talked a lot about, and talked to some players about it. I don't really have an answer at this point, but it is something we need to get fixed. At the start of the game, we fell down 21 to nothing, and gave up a touchdown on the second play of the game for the second week in a row. That is certainly not a good way to start. Credit our players, we were down by 21 and our guys battled. That is going to be a trademark of our team; hopefully we play hard regardless of what is going on. That is a process you have to teach and learn. It was the same thing to start the second half. We gave up a long scoring drive and had a three-and-out on offense. We've got to start better. That is going to be a big point of emphasis going forward. With the schedule we are going to play, you can't get down 21 to nothing on people."

On Cal's defense:
"We have some personnel issues; everybody is aware of that. Isaac Lapite gave up a long touchdown. Isaac has played well for us, but that isn't a great matchup for us. We were starting Cameron Walker for the whole game at safety. He was a corner two weeks ago. (Alex) Logan went out early again and (Michael) Lowe was out. We were just grabbing guys to go in there. It is just what we have got."

On Cal's poor start to the game:
"It is something we have talked about. We talked about it after doing it two weeks in a row, and thought we had a trend that was coming. It is more than a trend. We have got to address it and see what is going on. Being run by, I don't know how much that is a scheme issue versus them just making a play on us. First play of the ballgame they threw a wide receiver screen that we made a tackle on. Second play of the game they got us where they faked the screen and turned it into a vertical route and just ran past us. From a scheme standpoint, I don't know what we can do about it."

On Cal's run game:
"I thought we ran the ball decently, 132 yards rushing, down early. We averaged close to five yards a play. That is winning football. We got down 21 nothing, so it is hard to sit there and run it a bunch."

On Cal's youth:
"I don't think we are that far off. We are a very young football team. In terms of starters, we had two seniors that started today, and they had 14 or 15. That is a big difference. We just need to grow up and get better. That falls on us as coaches to coach better and bring our players along to be in position. We need to learn to play better. We have got some players and some guys that can do things. I don't believe in moral victories, but our guys really played hard."

On preparing for Oregon in two weeks:
"They are good and they know what they are doing. It will be a challenge, but our guys will be excited to play, and when you are playing against a good offense, defense or team, you get excited to play. Your guys are fired up, and we know we are going to be challenged and get better. We have an open day, so we are going to practice hard for four days and take advantage of this opportunity to get better. Then we will try to play a better game than we did today."

On Cal's limited running game:
"I coached at Texas Tech for seven years and we ran it about five times a game and threw for a million. I don't really want to do that, but I'll do what it takes to win. If throwing the ball every down is going to give us the best chance to win, that is what we will do. I don't think that is necessarily the recipe, but we are going to do whatever gives us the best chance to win. We aren't going to run the ball just to be able to say we ran it 50 percent of the time."


Jared Goff, QB
Thoughts on the game:
“We had a good chance to come out and make plays early on. We fell behind the eight-ball (by) going down, but we fought back and never quit. We stayed with it and kept playing our game.”

On Ohio State:
“They came out and are a great team. They’re all they’re talked up to be. There were chances we had to score two or three more touchdowns that we slipped on. There were a few turnovers we had that we shouldn’t have had. We get a slip here, we get a break here and it could have been different and we could have stayed in that game a little longer.”

On staying on the bench during Ohio State’s long drives:
“It can be hard for any offense or any team, but we’re pretty focused. It doesn’t bug us how long they’re on the field. We knew they’d try to slow the clock, but every drive we came out with the same mentality.”

On momentum after closing the score to 24-14 at halftime:
“It felt like we had momentum coming out of halftime. We just didn’t start off the way we should have in the first half or second half. We didn’t compete as hard as we should (or) do everything we needed to from the get-go.”

On the fake punt:
“I was expecting them to call it at some point in the game. I practiced it twice this week. It worked out. Stefan (McClure) ran a great route and made a good play on it.”

Joel Willis, DB
On the defense:
“I felt like I have a lot of improving to do. I made some tackles, but as a unit we need to come together and win the game. It’s always cool to get on the field, but our ultimate goal is to win the game and we didn’t do that.”

On what the defense needs to work on:
“Our main issue is our eye progression. We’re not looking at the number one receiver, and they keep getting behind us. I’m going to try to fix my eye progression, and I feel like I can help in that aspect.”

Stefan McClure, DB
Thoughts on the game:
“We didn’t make some plays that we needed to make. It comes down to eyes and technique. Those big plays, we weren’t settled down and (didn’t) trust our eyes.”



Opening Statement:
“I’m glad we’re not playing them for a while. That quarterback is a good player, and that tempo and style of offense – you can see why they led the nation at Louisiana Tech and why they lead the nation right now in throwing. I’d like to thank our fans. I expected this – I remember from years ago on road trips that there would be a bunch of Buckeyes in the stadium – but hats off to all those in scarlet who traveled across the country. Also I’ve got a feeling there are a bunch of California Buckeyes out here, too. What an environment. I thought our guys played well. We came out of the gates really fast. Kenny Guiton did a nice job and threw the ball down field better than he has. Our receivers were much better than a year ago and you can see the steady improvement that they’ve made.”

On decision to have QB Kenny Guiton start over Braxton Miller:
“MCLs sometimes heal, but he’s the kind of athlete that has to be fully healed. I knew about Wednesday or Thursday that it was looking that way.”

On sitting Guiton when Miller is healthy again:
I think Kenny will get in the game a little bit. He’s throwing the ball better than he has and throwing the ball down field, so that’s something I’ll need to think about it.”

On Cal’s performance:
“I never felt comfortable until two or three minutes left. We put the hands team out there hoping we could get the ball back, so I felt like we could control running the ball and running the clock out. But not until the end did I feel comfortable.”

On OSU’s defensive performance:
“We missed tackles. We made some stupid penalties, too. But overall, after I watch the film, we won the game and came out played well. We knew there was going to be a lot of yards. You’re crazy if you think you’re going to just shut them down. But when the offense puts you up by three or four scores, that makes it easier to play defense.”

On Kenny Guiton’s performance:
“He’s a very good distributor. He gets the ball to the right people at the right time. What I was more impressed with him were the downfield throws. A few of those were right on the dot with a couple of excellent catches. I’m not surprised with him distributing the ball right away but I am surprised that he looked complete.”

On Cal QB Jared Goff’s performance:
“I think he’s tremendous, and I went and told him that after the game. They have some very good wideouts, and that’s a big, strapping freshman. Unless we see him in a bowl game, we’re not going to play him for a couple of years and I think he’s going to be really good. A lot of respect for him.”


Kenny Guiton, QB
On whether he knew he would start
I really never was told I was going to start or everything, but all week I was with the ones, so I kept the mindset like I was going to start.  Today when I got the nod, I was just ready to go.  I always try to prepare.  The coaches came up with a great game plan.  We actually hit them deep a few times early, and I think that opened up a lot more for our offense.  I was nervous but I think being nervous helps you prepare harder.

On the first play (school record for yards from scrimmage)
Devin (Smith) has world-class speed.  Sending him on deep routes in man coverage, we’re going to try to exploit that.  I saw him beat his man and he can do the rest.

On name in the record book
Oh man, that’s pretty cool.  I’m in my fifth year, getting my first start, it’s a blessing. I can’t thank no one but God.

On QB Braxton Miller coming back from injury
I’ll just step back and be the guy I’ve been forever.  I’m going to be there, be a leader, helping Braxton no matter what goes on and if my number is called I’ll do the job I can do.

Dontre Wilson, RB
On his role in the offense
I see myself as a big time playmaker, as a game changer. Every time I get in I tell myself that.  Without having Braxton, we lose that threat of running by the QB.  They bring me in to stretch it out and just make a big play when the time is needed.  Every time I get the ball I’m trying to show the coaches what I can do.

Corey Brown, WR
On the upside of the Ohio State offense
It’s going to be unbelievable.  We still made some mistakes so we’re going to go back and watch the film and fix the mistakes we did.  It’s going to be ridiculous.

On a two QB system working
Yeah, there have been teams in the past with two quarterbacks.  Coach Meyer has done it before.  They can both take control of this offense and do it well.

Chris Fields WR
On Kenny Guiton
Kenny G, he makes sure he’s prepared each week, just in case that happens.  He knew he was going to be able to start and he took full advantage of it.  You find ways to keep him in.  You find ways to put your playmakers in the game.  Kenny prepared all week like he’s the starter, watching film and hard work paid off for him.


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