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Senior Outside Hitter Recaps The Opening Week Of The Season
By Cal Athletics on Mon, September 02, 2013

Hey Cal Fans! This week marked the first week of preseason matches! On Friday, we played our first game versus Nevada and the following day played New Mexico State. We won both, and it was great to see some of the new freshmen on the court, and of course Michelle! After two years of cheering us on from the sideline, Michelle was finally able to play and it was so awesome to have her amazing leadership and volleyball skills on the court. It was also nice to see and catch up with my former teammate, Lauren Loerch, who plays for New Mexico State. It was great to finally to play against another team and compete with this amazing group.

After our game Saturday, the whole team made its way to Memorial Stadium for the first football game of the season! We were first introduced to a group of Cal fans before the game. As part of the introductions, we were told to share a fact that people didn’t know about us. A few of the ones that stood out where Alyssa's habit of putting crunchy peanut butter on her grilled cheese and Michelle’s inability to part with her baby blanket while she sleeps. After the introductions, we made our way up to the Stadium Club to talk to more fans. We handed out volleyball schedules and mingled with a bunch of die-hard Cal fans.

Although the view from the Stadium Club was incredible, it didn’t compare to the next location we were taken. At the beginning of the second quarter, we all walked down to the front of the student section where we were going to be introduced at one of the timeouts. As we were walking down, we soon realized that we somehow had lost Marlee, who later showed up alongside a personal security escort to make sure she was able to get through the crowd. During the timeout, we made our way up to the cheerleading platform in front of the student section to be introduced. The view of the game was incredible, but turning around and seeing the entire student section above us was the coolest moment of the night.

After we waved to all the fans, we asked the security guard if we could stay up there for the rest of the quarter. To our surprise, he said we could, so for the rest of the second quarter we all stood in front of the student section, leading cheers with the mic men! Mary, Marlee, and Michelle were the only ones who had the courage to yell cheers into the mic, which was surprising based on all the loud personalities we have on the team!

Overall, the night was a blast and an awesome reminder that I have just as much fun off the court as on the court with all my teammates!



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