Q&A With Johnny Ragin III

Cal freshman discusses his first collegiate training camp
By Cal Athletics on Mon, August 12, 2013

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The Cal football team completed its first week of training camp on Sunday as the Golden Bears continue to work hard under head coach Sonny Dykes in preparation for the 2013 campaign. had a chance to sit down with freshman linebacker Johnny Ragin III about how his first collegiate training camp is going. How much different is the college game compared to high school with what you’ve experienced so far?

Johnny Ragin III: It’s definitely a lot faster. It’s more of a collegiate mindset now, and everyone is playing to earn a spot. It’s a lot more up-tempo and faster, but everybody is getting better.

CB: What has training camp been like for you in general?

JR: It’s been pretty good. It’s definitely mentally and physically tasking. It’s a lot of hours put in, but I love it. I wouldn’t ask for anything else, and I’m ready to see us keep progressing into the season.

CB: Have you had any kind of “welcome to college” moment yet?

JR: We had our first midterm in statistics over Summer Bridge, that was pretty tough. The workload is a little different in the classroom, but that’s just part of it. The football part of it is a bigger commitment, but it’s been good.

CB: What has it been like working with Coach Buh?

JR: He’s a great guy. He’s really technical, and he wants us to know why we’re doing the things that we’re doing. He wants us to play concentrated football and be smart out there.

CB: How do you think the defense has looked in general so far?

JR: The defense is looking pretty good. We’ve got some good energy and everybody is flying around doing their job. We’re improving every day and I think we’ll be good to go by the time the season rolls around.

CB: What are your goals for the rest of training camp?

JR: I want to maximize every rep that Coach Buh gives me and prove myself out there, earn the team’s respect. I want to earn a position on the field and keep up with special teams. Everything is going pretty well, I’m just trying to solidify my spot.

CB: What’s been the toughest part of camp for you?

JR: The early wake ups. I’m a night owl, so those haven’t been too great, but it’s OK.

CB: Which of the other new guys have impressed you thus far?

JR: Everyone has been impressive, but I’d probably say Jacobi Hunter. He’s been doing great off the line. He has some great power. I’m excited to see what he can do.


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