Treggs Enjoys Media Day Homecoming

Sophomore Wide Receiver Represents Bears at Pac-12 Event
By Cal Athletics on Fri, July 26, 2013

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Bryce Treggs has no problem smiling for the cameras, especially Friday at Pac-12 Media Day at the Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

Treggs, who hails from Inglewood, had a chance to see some old faces during the afternoon, including former high school teammates and members of the media who remember watching him as a prep star. As much as Treggs said he enjoyed having the opportunity to come home, he loves being a part of his new family in Berkeley.

“I’m embracing the change for four years,” Treggs said. “The cool part about the Bay Area is you’re surrounded with all different kinds of people, and people from all parts of the country. I never get homesick. Those guys in Berkeley are my family. My coaches and my teammates are my family, and that’s all I need.”

In addition to attending a press conference on the main stage in front of more than 400 media, Treggs and junior linebacker Nick Forbes, who also represented the Bears at media day, went down the rows of booths with TV and radio personalities asking similar questions about the upcoming 2013 season. But Treggs saw a familiar face at one station. Beto Duran, now a reporter with ESPN Radio. Duran remembers calling Treggs’ high school football games for a local radio station during Treggs’ junior year at St. John Bosco High School.

“When I interviewed him back then, he was already talking about playing in college,” Duran said. “He was already looking to the next level. He was just driven from an early age. He’s a man now, but even in high school he was always very polite, very professional. He has always carried himself very well but his demeanor now and his approach to everything, he knows the right things to say and he’s a professional about everything. I think a lot of that has to do with the way his mom and dad raised him.”

Besides members of the media, Treggs also had a chance to reconnect with a former high school teammate – Washington senior quarterback Keith Price. When Treggs was a freshman, Price was a senior at St. John Bosco. The two became good friends and remain close today.

“Bryce is awesome; he’s like my little brother,” Price said. “He’s a hard worker and a tremendous athlete. He always had real natural hands. He’s one of the better route runners that I’ve seen. He’s put on a little bit of muscle and he has that ‘pretty boy’ hairstyle. I see he’s got a little bit of swagger now.”

Whether you call it swagger or confidence, you also have to include humble in the list of words to describe Treggs. While only he and Forbes could speak on behalf of the players at media day, Treggs said he takes every opportunity he can to give credit to all of his teammates. He always credits them first and foremost whenever he’s asked about the success he’s had thus far. As Treggs put it, “No one person can be the whole team by himself. It takes everybody to win.”

Treggs is ready to help the Bears attain a lot of wins in 2013. Along the way during his sophomore campaign, he’ll get one more opportunity for a Southern California homecoming. Cal faces UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Oct. 12.

However, after his experience last year at the LA Coliseum against USC, Treggs knows it’s all business when he steps onto the field for that game.

“I went into the USC game thinking it was going to be like a homecoming for me, being in front of people that I’m familiar with,” Treggs said. “It wasn’t like that at all. I came walking out of the tunnel and they were all yelling, ‘Treggs, you should have come to USC.’ But it’s a good experience, and I can’t wait to play at the Rose Bowl this year.

Before he has his sights set on the return to Los Angeles, Treggs and the Bears need to focus on training camp and the season opener against Northwestern at Memorial Stadium on Aug. 31 at 7:30 p.m. Treggs will help usher in the Sonny Dykes era at Cal with a three-game homestand to start the season with the second and third contests against Portland State and Ohio State.

With an upcoming schedule that ranks the third toughest in the nation according to one preseason magazine, Treggs will have plenty of moments to shine against top-quality opponents.

Hopefully his friends and family in Southern California will get to see numerous highlight reels of him, as well.

By Tim Miguel


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