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The Department of Sports Medicine at Cal provides volunteer opportunities to Cal undergraduate students who complete the application process and are selected to be a part of the program. In addition to the application, letters of reference and in-person interviews may be required. Even then, only students who are able to make the time commitment and prove their ability and readiness to work in this environment are selected.

This internship provides hands-on experience working with certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, team physicians and other sports medicine professionals in the evaluation, treatment and care of athletic injuries in Cal Sports Medicine setting.

Certified athletic trainers, who evaluate, treat and rehabilitate the injured athlete will be your supervisors. They work with an exceptional core of team physicians, with specialists ranging from primary care to orthopaedics, podiatry, and physiatry, as well as physical therapists, chiropractors and others. Cal has a broad-based intercollegiate program, sponsoring teams in 29 sports. Our volunteer positions, called Sports Medicine Interns, are vital to our success in providing care to intercollegiate athletes. Sports medicine interns not only help in the daily activities of the athletic training room, but also work the sidelines of most events and even travel to some events. You will get experience in monitoring rehabilitation programs, evaluating injuries, using various physical therapy modalities in the treatment of injuries, and working with team physicians as they evaluate injuries, both on the field and in the clinic; as well as helping the training staff to maintain its facilities and record-keeping.


Sports Medicine Interns


Be an enrolled UC Berkeley Student, or have previous experience with Cal Sports Medicine
Be willing to work with any sport/team on campus
Be willing to make a minimum 10 hour per week commitment
(not including weekend/night event coverage)

Applications from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students will be given preference over 4th or 5th year students (due to the length of time necessary to orient and train new sports medicine interns)


Completely fill out the application and email it to

Incomplete applications will not be considered
Application deadline for the Fall is the third Friday of October
Application deadline for the Spring is the third Friday of March


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