Welcome Cal Sports Medicine Student Trainer Alumni!

If you are reading this, then you are likely a fellow survivor of the student athletic training program at Cal. You were once strong enough (or almost) to haul giant Gatorade coolers and ice chests all over the athletic fields and courts in Berkeley. You'll remember making and breaking ice bags until the end of time, and also what happens when you tap the ice machine at Haas too hard without closing the bottom door. (And if you're really old school, you'll remember The Cave and wonder why the Business School has an ice machine!) Maybe you still have nightmares of getting lost trying to help Dave or Smitty with the inventory because everyone had a different name for everything and none of them matched the inventory list.

Who could forget crawling out of bed for 7 a.m. educational sessions before trudging across campus for an 8 a.m. class? And who hasn't answered the phone to tell callers that "there is no Linda Smith (or Paul Mohler) here" before telling Smitty and Mo they called the wrong number? Of course, we've also seen (or heard) some students leave their mark by crashing those trusty carts into walls, poles, and maybe even a car. And if there was a break in the action, it was time to be creative with the many uses of white tape! There were times you struggled to tape each other well enough for a "real" athlete to trust you with their ankle or wrist, and so what if they cut if off behind your back and got re-taped by a staff member? You just kept practicing with every last roll of scrap tape.

Despite the long hours and hard work, we all managed to survive and even graduate from Cal. And hey, we had the best seats to some great games! We had a unique chance to learn by working directly with the ATCs, PTs, and even the MDs. Even though we felt like we worked for long periods of time, they were always there, too. They would convert small moments into learning opportunities for us, feed us during early or late hours, and even drove us home after late practices or games. They showed us a lot about their love for their livelihoods, and more importantly, their lives. For many of us, they had a great influence on our career choices, whichever way we decided to go. So wherever you are and whatever you have gone on to do, we would all love to hear from you, too. Tell us how you're doing, where in the world you've ended up, and feel free to share stories from the past!

Go Bears!