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Introducing Digital Ticketing

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The University of California Athletic Department introduces the launch of a new digital ticketing system that will provide fans greater convenience and security by scanning bar-coded tickets at Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion.

Fans benefit from heightened protection against counterfeit tickets and take advantage of new digital ticketing services, including Bear Transfers and Print-at Home tickets.

Like most professional venues, Cal will now scan all tickets at the gates of Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion using a bar-code on the bottom of each ticket to verify admission. Scanning will help identify counterfeit and stolen tickets, providing Bear fans with improved security and service.

Bear Transfers allows season ticket holders, who encounter scheduling conflicts, to email tickets to another person who then prints out the tickets on-demand. Bar-codes are printed on each transferred ticket and scanners are used at Memorial Stadium entrances to validate the tickets.

With the digital ticket system in place, the Cal Athletic Department requests Bear fans to arrive early to the gates for the first few home games. Arriving early will ensure all fans gain quick access to their seats by avoiding the last minute rush to the gates.

In addition to purchasing and transferring tickets online, fans will be able to print single game tickets from their office or home computers. Print-at Home tickets should be printed on white paper using either black or color ink. Each ticket should be printed on 8.5x11-inch paper and treated like any other ticket. For fans security, Print-at-Home tickets are individually bar-coded. The bar-code allows one scan per entry so any attempts to duplicate, alter or sell any copies of the Print-at-Home ticket may result in admittance being refused to the event.



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