2013 Cal Football Select-a-Seat Event

The Cal Athletic Department will hold its first-ever football Select-a-Seat event at California Memorial Stadium February 23-24, 2013. To participate in the event, 2012 season ticket holders must have renewed their seats AND RSVPed for the Select-a-Seat Event, or placed a deposit on new season tickets.

Those who qualify for the Select-a-Seat will receive an email with selection dates/times along with additional information on Thursday, Feb. 14 and again during the week of Feb. 18. If you do not receive your selection date/time email please call (800) GO BEARS (462-3277), press #2 or email goldstandard@berkeley.edu.

Important Event Information

Click here to read and print all Select-a-Seat details and maps including instructions, parking information and more.


The deadline to submit a proxy for the Football Select a Seat has passed


Season ticket holders who RSVPed for the Select-a-Seat and decide not to attend the event/elect a proxy, or arrive at the event and choose not to move seats will remain in their seats from the 2012 season.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Gold Standard customer service rep at (800) GO BEARS (462-3277) extension 2 for Service Team or email goldstandard@berkeley.edu We look forward to seeing you at California Memorial Stadium for the Select-a-Seat event!