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Cal Athletics uses a priority points system to equitably assign donor and season ticket benefits. While your annual giving level determines the benefits received (click here for the current benefit chart), priority points are used to rank patrons receiving those benefits and determine items such as season ticket locations, parking lot locations, and single game or postseason ticket locations.

Priority points are refreshed at the end of each giving year after June 30 for all other benefits. Priority points only include gifts received, not pledges.

Current Year Giving (Cash-in)* 1 per $100
Remaining Lifetime Giving** 1 per $200
Capital Campaign Giving@ 2 per $100
Consecutive Years of Season Ticket Purchase+ 1 per year per sport
Consecutive Years of Donating# 5 per year
Volunteer Activity% As Awarded
Alumni& 5 (10 max w/ spouse)
Letterwinner ^ 5 (10 max w/ spouse)

Current priority point totals reflect:
*Donations July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013
** Donations prior to July 1, 2012 - Includes Irrevocable Planned Gifts
@ Donations to Haas Pavilion Capital Campaign - No new points are awarded in this category
+ All Season Ticketed Sports: Football (BlueZone and GoldZone tickets not applicable prior to 2008), Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Volleyball
# Minimum donation at Cal Club level to receive yearly credit as of 2009
% Historic category for prior volunteer activity - No new points are awarded in this category
& Degree must be verified with campus - Proof of marriage required
^ Letter must be verified with Big C Society - Proof of marriage required

Priority Points FAQ

What are priority points?
Priority points are the ranking system used in all aspects of Cal Athletics to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of benefits, such as tickets and parking.

How much must I give to receive priority points?
Donors at the Cal Club ($100) will receive the 5 points for consecutive years of donating. Points awarded for donations do not calculate decimal points. A full $100 or $200 of giving must be reached before a full point is awarded.

How do I find out my priority point total?
Your priority point total is available through the on-line box office. Simply log in to your on-line ticket account, select the "My Account" section, and then click the "View My Priority Points" link. 

What happens in the case of a tie, or equal priority points?
In the case where one or more patrons have the same number of priority points, the overall Bear Backer giving level will be used as the first tiebreaker. If the overall Bear Backer giving level is equal, the consecutive years of donating category is used as the second tie breaker.

What happens if I do not donate or do not buy season tickets? Do I lose all my points?
By not making an annual donation or purchasing season tickets for a given sport, only those portions relating to consecutive years of donations or season tickets are lost. Points for lifetime donations, alumni and letterwinner status and volunteer activities are never lost.

Can I give my priority points to someone else?
No. Your priority point total is intended to be a representation of the donation and ticket history of each individual account holder. Accounts may only be held by an individual, an individual and spouse, or a business/organization. Points may not be transferred or given to other family members, friends or organizations. Each Cal fan wishing to gain priority points must donate or purchase season tickets in their own name and account. 

Why aren't GoldZone and BlueZone purchases included as season ticket purchases before 2008?

Prior to 2008, the "Family Plan" options in the GoldZone and BlueZone did not constitute a full season ticket, as they did not include the Big Game when played in Memorial Stadium. When the GoldZone and BlueZone were converted from general admission seating to reserved seating for the 2008 season, Big Game tickets were included, making them eligible for points.

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