June 7, 2004

This season of softball has been the best time that I have ever had in my life. It has been boring, exciting, scary, stressful, and most of all … fun.

Although it had a disappointing ending, it still was the best season ever. From starting Pac-10 with many losses to being back into the championship game on ESPN - this year has had its highs and lows.

Sushi Plus in Oklahoma was definably a high point of the season and Lindsay James' staff was always fun to look at. We had a great year and hopefully next year we can be back in that championship game and actually win it.

I swear it is the most frustrating thing in the whole world when we get to the big game two years in a row and we lose two times to the same team. Next year, we will be the time when we prevail.

So, I sit here looking forward to my last year playing in college and hope that I go out a winner; thinking about how much I am going to miss playing with all my teammates. But until it is over, I am going to play hard and have fun because that is what this game is made for.

Bear fans, see you next year - we will continue to work our hardest at bringing all of you a national championship. After all, you Bear fans are the best - and you deserve another national title.