May 20, 2003

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit."
          -Robert Yates

"If I were playing third base and my mother were rounding third with the run that was going to beat us, I’d trip her. Oh, I’d pick her up and brush her off and say, “Sorry Mom, but nobody beats me"
          -Leo Durocher

Ann Arbor, Michigan. Region 7. The last two weeks of the season are fun and exciting. 64 teams battle in eight different regions for the opportunity to advance to the College World Series in Oklahoma City. It is a time when records and rankings are thrown out the window and every team has an equal shot at the big show. We entered Michigan as the number two seed behind DePaul, and were ready for any challenge presented to us, or so we thought. Fortunately, I can’t remember a dull moment in the 6 days we spent in Ann Arbor. So, I am going to share with you my personal favorites of the week.

15 Antics in Ann Arbor

15. Going to Outback Steakhouse after beating Michigan on Sunday, and Coach paid.

14. Having Brian come on his first trip with us and talking major trash in the dugout the entire weekend. Then, him getting mad at us for not trash talking.

13. LeAnna Hoglen trying to throw home and almost hitting me in the leg.

12. Having yet another intelligent conversation to Jen Deering about how pitchers are “different”.

11. Kelly Anderson’s dad crying after we beat Michigan on Sunday

10. Chelsea Spencer’s diving catch to save a run against DePaul University on Saturday.

9. Watching Coach almost cry when the entire team ordered huge desserts the day before our first game against Oakland.

8. Having a mini-bus to fit 20 players, 5 coaches, 2 Athletic Directors, 1 trainer, 1 media relations person, and 1 equipment manager. Fun huh?

7. Foti having to sit in the back of the mini-bus with Cassie and listening to all her CD’s (mostly all girlie girl songs too).

6. Staying up until 4:30 am talking to Roni Rod about absolutely nothing. Then waking up at 9 the next morning. That was a great day.

5. After countless Bennigans cheers, finally getting to go and having one waiter for 24 people. Three hours later we all got our soup and salads.

4. Our fans trying to out cheer the entire state of Michigan during the championship game on Sunday. Don’t even kid yourself, our fans won the cheerleading competition.

3. Having to take the Sheraton Inn shuttle bus to the fields because our bus driver was caught in traffic. Plus, he felt he should not call Coach to inform her he would be late because he didn’t want to worry us. I guess it never occurred to him that we would be worried when there was no bus at the hotel.

2. Watching the waiter at Bennigans almost fall in Teresa’s lap after slipping on some beans which he had dropped all over Courtney’s bag 15 minutes earlier. Keep in mind that Teresa had warned him about the beans at least three times before he almost slipped.


Well, softball fans. This is the last week of college softball, and the end of six wonderful senior careers. We are going to give our all the make it a memorable week and return with another National Championship.

Until next time