Past Entries
March 10, 2004

On Wednesday I had class from 10-12. Then I went to practice from 2:15-4. I then proceeded to training table from 4-4:30. We then left for Oregon at 5:30.

On Thursday we ate breakfast at 10. Then we went to shoot around from 12-1. Afterwards, we had a pre-game meal from 2-3. We then left for the game against OSU at 4:15. During the game, which we won, K.I. accidentally stepped on Leigh's face and left a Nike imprint on her face. I thought Leigh handled the situation very well.

On Friday, we had breakfast at 9:30. Then we watched game film at 10:30. We then had practiced from 11:30-1:30. Afterwards, we had lunch from 1:30-2. I then had free time from 2-7:40. I decided to go to the mall with my family. I didn't feel like walking around, so we decided to see a movie. We saw "Club Dread." While we were in the movie theater, my grandmother got separated from us. She came in the movie theater and was walking up and down the aisle...(I thought she was just playing around until she left and didn't show up for another 30 minutes.) She did the same thing again. However, I still didn't feel like getting up. I didn't want to disturb the crowd of people watching the movie, so I just waved my hand so she could see it. My grandmother still couldn't see me. She began to call my nickname "Jocko." The crowd began to yell shut up...(I didn't want to let the crowd know I was with her.) So, I then yelled for her to sit down. My grandmother then sat by herself in the front row...(this was very disrespectful, but funny.) After the movie was over, we met up with my grandmother in the lobby. She said she didn't know what movie we went to. I told her we were watching "Monster." She then said "I am getting so old, I thought we were going to see "Club Dread." When I got back to the hotel, I went to dinner with the team at a Japanese place. We then went back to the hotel and had lights our at 11.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at 9:30. We then left for the game against Oregon at 11:15. After the game, we left for home at 615.

- Jacqueline "Jocko" Sanchez